Several websites reported yesterday that Apple has discontinued its TV show rental program. The service launched last Fall and just never really garnered support from the major networks. They felt that the $0.99 price point was too low.

TV Show rentals were available through both the iTunes Store and Apple TV, but that is no longer the case. And Apple’s website has even been updated to remove mention of the rental option. So, what happened?

AllThingsD received a statement from an Apple Spokesperson on the matter:

“iTunes customers have shown they overwhelmingly prefer buying TV shows,” Apple spokesman Tom Neumayr said. “iTunes in the Cloud lets customers download and watch their past TV purchases from their iOS devices, Apple TV, Mac or PC allowing them to enjoy their programming whenever and however they choose.”

Right. Or, as MacRumors points out, maybe it was the fact that ABC and Fox were the only major networks on board. Warner Brothers, NBC, and Viacom all opted out of the program. With such little studio support, why wouldn’t Apple cancel it?

The move is definitely interesting, considering all of the recent rumors going around that the company is looking to start a TV subscription service. Maybe Apple doesn’t have as much pull in the industry as it (and everyone else) thought it did.

Will you  miss the ability to rent TV shows?

  • God

    Don’t do it apple… I would hate to drop Netflix… Or would I???

  • James

    Just buy Hulu damn it

  • justin marshall

    Why rent shows for .99 to watch once when you can buy it and have it forever. Makes sense to cancel it.

    • ws

      cuz 1st some people like to save some bucks and 2nd, not everyone finds it useful to keep a tv show forever… some of us just watch it once

      • James18

        How exactly is spending 99 cents per show for everything you want to watch and not even having anything to show for it when you’ve watched it, saving money?? It’s just throwing money away, anything rented is wasted money, not to mention the fact you could download pretty much anything you wanted so why even pay to rent it at all.

  • Jmarsh5

    Sure, I understand, but there obviously weren’t enough people that wanted to do that.

  • And I just bought an ATV 2 yesterday.

    • Telejeesus

      What CPU Apple TV 2 have? And can it play 1080p 24p/29,970p :
      MP4/MOV (MPEG4, h.264)
      AVI (Xvid, AVC, MPEG1/2/4)
      TS/TP/M2T/m2ts (MPEG1/2/4, AVC, VC-1)
      MKV (h.264, x.264, AVC, MPEG1/2/4, VC-1)
      Like same priced WD TV live etc..

      PS. Does iTunes get 1080p TV Series/Movies anytime soon??(I heard some rumors few years ago.) It would make sence cuz Apple don’t have blu-ray drives on their computers.