A new report from the New York Post claims that Apple is about to gain a new competitor in the tablet market, with online book store and music giant Amazon set to enter the fray with its own set of tablet devices.

Powered by Google’s Android mobile operating system, Amazon’s tablets are believed to be set to cost ‘hundreds less’ than the iPad’s base $499 price tag. That pretty much confirms a $299 Amazon tablet…

Believed to be on target for an October release, the Amazon range of tablets will likely come preloaded with Amazon’s own app store, along with deep Kindle integration. Amazon’s app store all-but negates the need for Google’s own, which in turn means Google will miss out on revenue for app sales.

One of the iPad’s competitors, the HP TouchPad has already fallen foul of the ‘iPad effect’ and as such has been removed from production. HP has killed webOS hardware development completely, and the platform’s future is still very much in limbo.

Amazon’s entry into a tablet market which currently only seems to have room for one major player could be an interesting one. Massive online selling clout is obviously in Amazon’s favor, but will that be enough? The tab itself needs to live up to expectations in order for people to step over an iPad to get to it. That being said, money talks, and a $299 Amazon tablet could well be a compelling prospect for people looking to spend less than Apple’s $499 entry fee.

If Amazon does release a low-cast tablet that offers an iPad-like experience, then the ball would definitely fall squarely in Apple’s court.


  • Craig

    I hope so, the iPad is a rip off for what it is, much like most Apple products tbh and Apple will never compete with a price like that, too may directors “Tim Cook’s” to pay disgraceful wages while the people employed by Apple who actually do the work, get paid a pittance.

    I can’t wait for competition to really take off and then I can switch to another OS, bring on all the fanboys who’d buy anything with an Apple logo just because they are brainwashed fucktards hahaha

    Steve gone, Apple start to slide now, that’s a fact, watch this space !!!!!

    • Andrew

      I don’t see it as a rip off, I see it as you get what you pay for. I have not seen other devices provide the same experience, in regards to the tablet. If the price is lower here than that may help, but the UI and usability mean just as much.

      Ohh and calling others names doesn’t do anything but make you look immature, a better use of time would be actually supporting your argument. Sure some people buy apple for status, but a lot go with the brand because it suits their needs and actually works. Not everyone who buys and appreciates what they are doing are fanboys, actually people with that mindset exist in every platform.

      I’ve never had a problem with anything I’ve purchased from apple.

      • Craig

        A fanboy if ever i’ve seen 1, deny all you like, that is what you are .. I don’t need to argue with you, everything I said is correct, just because you choose to dismiss it. Let me eloaborate, handsets for instance, Apple is far from the best manufacturer, there are many more Android handsets that piss all over the iPhone, tablet wise, there is nothing about the iPad that justifies its pricetag other than Apple know they can charge that because there are so many naive, brainwashed even, people that don’t see anything past the name. To quote another poster yesterday “you guys would buy a turd if it had an Apple logo on it” and that is so true.

        Let’s just see how well the iPad does when a tablet comes out that runs and OS that more than matches up with iOS and has a price tag far lower, we’ll see then just how competetive Apple are but by all means, carry on buying your overpriced goods, I don’t give a shit what you do, the world will always have suckers and those who choose not to see !!

      • fhfnjmgf

        Actually, the iPad 2 is a ripoff. A few days after it was released, the this website made a post about how it only costs $300 to make an iPad 2

    • George

      You just don’t know real quality when you see it. You keep your sub standard rubbish as you cannot afford the good stuff.

    • Andrew

      Way to stereotype, you didn’t say anything new. Basically if someone doesn’t like Android and they choose to go with Apple they are a fanboy. There are just as many Android fanboys just like any platform. So you can call what you want but the same would apply to you. You say you don’t want to debate the subject and then do just that.

      I love how your argument is I would be a turd just because it had an apple logo. In fact I wouldn’t, if they ever produced something that was inferior I wouldn’t touch it. Not everyone who buys things from apple is a deluded consumer. I have seen Android and don’t like it, there are some really nice handsets but also a lot of flawed ones. See I can be objective and say that while it may not suit my needs it is still a viable option for the mobie phone market

      Most tablets are the same price or higher than the iPad. HP dropped the price to get rid of their
      stock. The Xoom has since dropped price because of poor sales. The tablet in question here would be the first to actually come out substantially lower than the iPad. All I said is let’s see how usable it is. If it’s a viable option I’d be the first to have a look. End of discussion let’s not beat this to death.
      at it.

      • fhfnjmgf

        fanboys are simply crazy people like you that call everything that is not an Apple product shit. And everything that Apple makes “innovative and creative.” Well, that is like at 90% of all the people on this website anyways.

      • Andrew

        fhfnijmgh. Did you even both to read my post? Did i say anywhere in there that everything not made by apple is ‘shit’ ? NO! I said in terms of tablets nothing has matched the usability

        Truth is I have looked at what has been coming out and actually used them.
        When it comes to phones, I even stated that there are good ones out there.

        Please think before you post, but you couldn’t even take the time to type out your name let alone come up with a constructive argument.

    • Fairy1981

      Don’t hate on the iPad , I have one and I love it there is comparison to it on the market, however I am considering Getting an amazon tablet for my toddler.

  • peter jansen

    I’m not waiting for that one. I just ordered the “forbidden” Galaxy p7500 10.1. Why? Although I’m an avid iDevice fan. (after my 3G iPhone subscription will expire in December I will order a 5g or whatever the next one will be). But while I found the lack of Flash support on my iPhone something I can live with, it’s unacceptable on a tablet. Hence……

    • iPwn

      Jon I have a Xoom it is far from bug free. What’s up with all the lag when swiping between home screens?

    • javierE186

      Please there is not one single Android tablet that is bug free. You can speak about flash all you want but everyone knows that is coming to an end soon, as for the cameras every single tablet out in the market has horrible cameras. Sure some may have 5MP but they just do not take great pictures. It has been shown by reviewers and consumers. All the reasons you gave are the so-called “reason” to get an Android tablet but as you can see it has gone so well for all of them. No one tablet has out sold the iPad (1 or 2). Now don’t get me wrong I am not a iOS dude I would love webOS on iPhone4 specs but the fact of the matter is that I am not blind and I do not hate on something just because it is doing better then what I would prefer. One needs to admit it for the next year or 2 nothing will outsell and iPad nor be as fluent in the OS department.

      R.I.P webOS you will be missed

    • fhfnjmgf

      there is no bug-free ipad or iphone either.

  • TimCook

    You guys know nothing. I am no. 1 now!

    • Ken

      Mr. Cook, are you going to Cook the Apple?

  • LOL

    LOL they probably won’t even make any money, they’re eventually gonna have to bring them out of the markets.

    • fhfnjmgf

      because of fanboys. They never even bring it into their stupid brains to even look at a non-ipad tablet.

      • Ken

        Apple fanboys run out of their money by spending to buy iPad.
        They can’t effort to buy nice non-iPad tablets to try.
        I feel sorry for them.

  • Geno

    You get what you pay for.

    • James18

      That is the biggest crock of shit, you get whatever Apple say and you pay whatever Apple say. Otherwise you switch manufacturers which is what a lot of people have done. Apple sues everybody they can because they know that other manufacturers are starting to take over and leave them in the dust.

      Steve Jobs stepped down not because of ill health but because he doesn’t want to be at the helm when the mighty Apple falls.

  • lrd

    Stop yapping and start shipping.

    Apple’s going to sale like 10 million iPads this quarter.
    That’s like 40 million in total. Over 117,000 apps. Growing by 1,000 apps per day.
    Crapoids have like 300- yes three hundred apps!

    And get this. Big, badass Microsoft will be waiting to kit some patent infringement behind.

    So go ahead Amazon. If you dare Jeff?

    • ird=returd

      you never know the future.okay nobody knows the future, but you know it worse than anyone else.

  • Meh

    HP didn’t just stop making the touchpad, they’ve stopped making any hardware. The titular was AWESOME, a great alternative for the iPad, but I doubt HP will last more than 5 years from now.

  • I bought two different android tablets. And they both sucked, were buggie, and crashed for no reason. Took them both back. They were both cheap. U get what u pay for. My wife wanted to buy an android phone, till i told her how everybody that has one said they suck. I’ll never let an android device n my house.

  • Takean

    Good lord there is a lot of teens in here. Lol. I love how people bring in % statistics and “facts” without any actual evidence. Claiming people are leaving apple…blah blah blah. Lol. Grow up. This is an apple news website. If you hate that’s cool. But get over it. Are there fanboys here. Well sure. Are their users here that just like jailbroken iPhones and upcoming apps? Sure. True be told though, ALL these tablets are flawed in some way. I love my iPhone, and I have used androids before. Does that mean I’m a fanboy…yes and no. I still use a pc, not a Mac. I have no intention on getting a Mac due to price. Does that mean macs are flawed? Nope. They work better than a pc. I use one at school everyday. Apple products just work better unfortunately. U get what u pay for. They are really overpriced, but they work. So if u hate them, suck it up and go buy urself something else and smile. No one really cares anyway.

  • Soto

    Oh wow lol, what bridge did this androinite faggots came out of? This shit is hysterical.
    Just ‘cus android is garbage and full of copycats doesn’t mean you got to hate the whole world.
    I’m happy about the price, maybe I’ll buy a 3rd iPad. What’s flash btw?

  • Splif

    Yup it will be just like a Nook from Barnes & Noble. How does that compete with Apple? How exactly will Amazon compete on price? Apple makes large volume sales & gets large volume discounts for components. Amazon does none of that. If it’s $299 it will be a glorified ebook reader. None of the unrealistic Android circle jerking going on here will change that. Also, The New York Post as a reliable news source? Really?

  • peter jansen

    I find it highly amusing how my considerations on purchasing a Galaxy tablet instead of an iPad resulted in this flood of comments. I will disregard the real stupid ones with no arguments at all (there are a lot of them from both sides). Apparently buying an iDevice or another is an almost religious experience for most. Similarities with the current political debate in the US come to mind. And then the real futurist experts: “Flash will soon die” or similar. And “Apple is falling” or similar. Like I stated; I love my iPhone and will get the new one too, and jailbreak it as soon as possible because I really don’t like the freakish way Apple tries to control everything. And yes, the iOS is thanks to that control very stable. But my jailbroken 3GS crashes on a regular basis. It comes with the jailbroken territory. And in spite of the iPad2 being on the market for some time now, there’s no unthetered “official” jailbreak available yet. Nor for iOS5. But I don’t have to jailbreak my new Galaxy so it will crash every now and then. So what? And yes ther are much more useful apps for iOS then for Android. But not so much real dedicated tablet apps either for Ipad or Galaxy. Developing and marketing these will need time. And last but not least: If I don’t like my Galaxy, I will have 14 days to try it out extensively and return it if I don’t like it. And another last but not least: a little bit of competition never hurt any market.

  • peter jansen

    Oh, and I forgot to add that there’s always an extra price to pay for early adapters, with any device. Bugs, little apps, immaturely developed apps etc.etc.

  • aplebyte

    I was forced financially to sell my iPhone’s and drop AT&T for the much cheaper Straight Talk all you can eat voice, text and 3g data for $45 a month. I am using an unlocked mytouch 3g slide that I changed the APN settings on so that it would work on Straight Talk (Which I found at walmart.com and it uses AT&T and T-Mobile towers on the gsm side and Verizon and Sprint towers on the CDMA side). At first I was extremely resistant to Androids. I’ve been on Android’s Froyo now for one week and have to say that as much as I love iOS, I now love Android just as much. In a few months, after I do some tweaking and modding, I may drop iOS for Android altogether. Now that I got that out of the way, Amazon is huge contender in the battle for cutting edge tech that is up to par with Apple products. They are creative, innovative and think outside of the box, which is what made Apple who they are today. Amazon’s goal is to be different and to really listen to the needs of people.

  • peter jansen

    Well I tried the Galaxy 10.1 for a week, but although it’s a nice tablet, there were basically three deal breakers.
    1. Lack of support for video chat (Skype)
    2. Poor support for video plaback without jumping through hoops
    3. Potential loss of software support if Apple wins all lawsuits and the Galaxy will be banned everywhere, so no new apps will be developed. I could live with the little amount of dedicated tab apps rigfht now expecting it to get better, but I don’t want to end up with another Philips 2000 video system 😀
    (Yeah, you should google that).