We know, you get it, the man resigned. But what you may not see are all of the ramifications of his early exit. There’s a lot of people in the world with a lot riding on Apple’s success, and their world just got a whole lot scarrier.

Sure, Tim Cook has the business-sense to keep Apple afloat. But he seems to lack Jobs’ creativity and showmanship. Can you imagine him unveiling a new product?

With that in mind, the iPhone 5 announcement is expected to take place within the next few weeks. And there has been some rumblings around the web that the retired CEO might make an appearance.

The newly-named Chairman of the Board of Directors might take the stage one last time at the upcoming iPhone event. The move would certainly calm nervous investors, and the extra media attention wouldn’t hurt.

But you also have to expect that Tim Cook will be highly visible. You know, because he’s the new CEO, and Apple wants to prove that the company is just fine without Jobs at the helm.

Obviously, a Jobs-Cook combo would be the perfect balance, but it’ll be interesting to see how it all plays out. Maybe Tim Cook won’t be the visible CEO that Jobs was. Maybe Jobs stays away from the event to avoid overshadowing the products, or undermining Cook.

Here’s hoping we at least see an appearance from Steve this Fall, if for no other reason than to confirm he’s ok.

Who do you hope to see introduce the iPhone 5? Will Steve be the one to come back on stage for “one more thing?”

  • Bradibiza


    Tut tut tit 😉

  • David

    Tim will be there introducing the iPhone 5 and Steve will be on the sidelines lurking because if he came on stage all those geeks would have an orgasm and it would leave tim feeling undermined and give people the feeling that he needs Steve to do the job. From what I’ve seen of time whenever he’s filled in for Steve he did just as good, don’t know why people are worrying he wouldn’t be CEO if he wasn’t good enough, common sense.

    • Isaac

      They need Steve to do the Jobs

  • I expect Scott Forestall and Phil Schiller will be the most prominent figures running the coming keynotes, because Phil has been a huge part of them in the past and he’s the Mac-guy while Scott is witty, intelligent and the iPhone-guy 🙂

    • JoBerlin

      Maybe Steve Wozniak will present new things and present the keynotes.

  • sly

    I have an iphone 4 running ios 4.0.2, modem firmware 1.59.00. here is my problem, i don´t have an shsh saved , what can i do to unlock while preserving my baseband

    • DrunkenTramp

      Have you been jailbroken long? Cydia saves you shsh for you, whn you load cydia it says which ones it saved in green at the top of the screen. You can use a jailbrake app such as iSHSHit to download ad save them.

  • Cook will call Jobs via Facetime while he is enjoying a few Bahama Mama’s at the beach.

  • Max

    Who is the new COO?

    • Jack

      Looking at the Apple Leadership page on the website, it looks like a new COO has not yet been appointed. Jeff Williams is probably a candidate considering that he’s the Senior Vice President of Operations.

  • James

    I think they should get a celebrity to do it! Like, Betty white or Justin timberlake! Lol

    • James

      I wouldn’t get JT to empty the trash let alone that, he’s a complete douche.

      • James


        Ok how about Charlie Sheen

  • MrA

    Maybe Cook will do it and then Jobs will come out for “one more thing” announcement.

    • Steve

      +1 I like this idea alot.

  • Wikk

    I doubt that would happen. We are all crazy and sonmuch fuzz over the iPhone 5 . iPhone 5 is just an upcoming device from apple , I don’t think its a big deal .Steve jobs retired already , done working . He’s probably going to take a vacation and just forget about work .

  • Vtec LOL.

    Whens this iPhone event taking place?

  • Dick Fontaine

    Jobs may not live long enough to see the announcement of the new iPhone

  • kokhean

    He might still do keynotes though.

  • unknown

    shot the fuck off Dick Fontaine,why don’t you go hide and play with your …..

  • almarar

    i don’t like Steve’s thinking

    because he don’t like arabs and he doesn’t care for Arabs Market, Also he block Facetime service for Arabs, and many things, why all these?