We love the guys over at the Taiwan-based NMA.tv media conglomerate, and they seem to love Steve Jobs, too. Barely days since the Apple co-founder left his post as Chief Executive Officer in Cupertino, NMA has put together a hilarious video showcasing the career of the charismatic Jobs…

Following a distinct Star Wars theme, the video guides us through major landmarks in the career of Jobs, including the birth of the Apple II, the spat with former Pepsi head John Sculley, and the iPhone’s battle with Google’s Android.

NMA has a history of making animated videos depicting various newsworthy events, and this one shows the impact of Steve Job’s resignation.


  • chubby

    Here’s another news from Taiwan.

  • Fedor

    OMG…the author of this shit must be a moron

  • Telejeesus

    This is so good. Steve became new “evil” “ruler” of tech world after lasersword battle with Bill. 😀 Hilarious
    Who was that ‘rainbow’ head guy fence with Steve agains Androids ?

  • Brúnó Nagy

    what the exact hell is this?? its the strange phantasmagory ive ever seen