RIM is set to finally put the finishing touches to its BlackBerry PlayBook tablet – four months after they released it.

Launched as a not-quite-iPad competitor, the PlayBook is a 7″ tablet running the Canadian firm’s new QNX operating system. QNX is, in fact, so new that it didn’t have an email client at launch. Or RIM’s unique selling point, BBM. That could all be about to change, as RIM begins to finally fix some, if not all, of the PlayBook’s issues…

In a post on TechCrunch, Matt Burns claims that RIM is all set to add both an email client as well as BBM to its PlayBook tablet some time next month, in a move that RIM will no doubt hope will help push its tablet sales up a notch.

“The BlackBerry PlayBook is impressive upon first look. You pick it up, quickly scroll through the apps, and jump online. It all works like it’s supposed to. But then you find out it can’t hook up to your email; a BlackBerry needs to be connected through the BlackBerry Bridge. This connection also enables BBM, calendar and an address book, but an update due next month will finally bake several key features into the PlayBook.”

RIM is also reported to be adding the ability to run Android apps to the PlayBook, in a move which smacks somewhat of desperation. Whether email and android apps is enough to make punters stump up for a BlackBerry branded tablet remains to be seen, but as things stand, many can’t see past the app-tastic iPad.

Would you consider a ‘fixed’ BlackBerry PlayBook? Or is it too little too late?

  • Mike

    The fact that they are just now getting email speaks volumes. Pretty sad actually.

  • Daniel

    RIM’s products are ugly >< Apple is stupid blocking flash player
    -The end.

    • Mohzeen

      I believe that Adobe are taking a few steps to Flash – HTML5 conversion. It seems like Flash is very slowly dying. Also, the Playbook is a beautiful device, and faster than I labeled you as “ignorant”.

  • Shannon

    No thanks.

  • Your all wrong the blackberry play book is far superior than the iPad2
    To they are catching up is bs if anything apple has alot to learn from it’s competition they are the ones to catch up apple pull your finger out of your arse and make a better tablet as the iPad 2 is just lame

    • James

      Lol @ Twatthead21, iPad 2 = lame .. PlayBook = far superior .. You clearly are retarded, i’d say you were being sarcastic but I think you are actually being serious, the iPad 2 is far from lame dude, all devices, phones or tablets, are personal preferance and what you want from them but to boldly state what you stated is just ludicrous ….

      Maybe your med’s need upping man or you need to smoke less crack.

      • Techno709

        rofl jhahhahhahahahahahaahahahhahahaahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahaahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahaha this guy makes me laugh playdildo better then ipad2 hahahahahahhaha thats just sad

      • Da Bone

        Anyone that thinks that the stock blackberry playbook is far superior than the iPad needs a serious head exam. Sure the stats look good on paper, but on the playbook there is far more things that it CAN’T do as compared to things it can do. RIM will release it’s next mindless product next month probably and drop support for this pointless one, saying f you to all you Blackberry fan boys. Hahaha

      • Grant

        Anyone that thinks that the stock blackberry playbook is far superior than the iPad needs a serious head exam. Sure the stats look good on paper, but on the playbook there is far more things that it CAN’T do as compared to things it can do. RIM will release it’s next mindless product next month probably and drop support for this pointless one, saying * you to all you Blackberry fan boys. Hahaha

    • IrunMunk

      What r u 12yo?? Only tablet that can stand with the chapbook is an etcha sketch!! U r one stupid mofo for even stating and having the one cell of intelligence to post that. ReTARD!

    • IrunMunk

      Dam you’re one stupid SOB or u must be gettin’ fed some serious shlong by RIM to even say that crapbook is superior to iPad 2. Go kill yourself!

    • Isaac

      so i was at best buy looking for an ipad case and i find out that a blackberry guy is showing the playbook so i come close to him with curiosity cuz i have a BB storm (the phone company gave me that for free) and i ask him to show me the playbook. His argument was that the playbook “can do multitasking” he said, quoting “you can watch a youtube video and facebook at the same time, or you can listen to your music and browse the web”. I was like, well my ipad 2 can do that, how can the playbook make it better? so he tryes to show me that youtube and facebook multitasking and when he opens the youtube app it says ERROR restart the app, so he does and again ERROR… Sad thing

  • Lol I have the feeling you lot would by a turd if it had an apple logo on it

    You all need to open your eyes and see that apple are taking the piss with the ipad2 it’s not really any better from the original iPad and you flocked to spend more money on a product that isn’t anything new cha Ching
    Enjoy your bleeding screens and fleshless devices there is a better way and it ain’t apple anymore

    (I love my ip4 but don’t see the point of the iPad )

  • Btw the auto correct is a pain in the arse
    That buy and flashless 🙂

  • kadz

    ur a idiot .. ipad .. ipad2 .. the same ??

    i really dont think you wanna talk bout company’s products being the same here ..
    RIM .. is basically ( over doing it ) when it comes to that .. BB 9700 ~ 9780 .. only change waz a lining on the case lol .. just an example .. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP !

  • Kiss my ass 😉

  • fapple

    Apple ho mos! Playbook was better than any iPad the first day it came out, but the Apple fan bois were already on a momentum… Now that Steve is dying, so may Apple!

    • Mohzeen

      Why the hell are you on a Apple blog if you hate them so much?

    • IrunMunk

      Hey fagpple, your sorry ass is dying as well, only diff is you are insignificant, Jobs and Apple invented and remain king of the tablets/pads, unlike yours where Tampax reigns. In what inbred society do you see crapbook even doing anything close to competing with iPad, Samsung, Motorola, Acer or even the defunct HP webOS devices blow crapbook outta the water and into the shitter…. Obviously you don’t read what the press or forums or experts say about that POS. BBers even prefer iPad or Droid OS over the shit RIM rushed out. Whats your argument anyway, how’s crapbook better? Don’t even say Flash… Played out and is slow as shit on the crapbook. LOL Multitasking my ass…. more like multicollision b/c it’ll crash the rest of your open apps

      Hey twatted69, eat a dick other than your own!! LOL Cheers y’all!!

      • How about I eat your mums dick we all know she has one hehe

        Playbook rules iPad drewls

  • Mohzeen

    Good job RIM, keep Apple on their toes. Competition is good for everyone. Enough to make me buy? Nah.

    • IrunMunk

      Burn… U got me. You are one retarded kid. :p

  • yohan

    please how can you fight over APPLE and RIM theres a big diffrerence APPLE has no competitor in the market and RIM is going down lunching silly cellphone in the market just for the BBM

  • mfsav

    i am an apple fanboy no doubt about but i have to say the playbook isnt bad. i own both the ipad 2 and the playbook. though they are in completly different realms i enjoy them both. my ipad2 is loaded wit apps and music and other media while my playbook is mainly corporate. the Qnx operating system really is exciting to use it can handle a ton of apps at once and oprates everything from planes to tablets. iOS on the other hand is very neat and works perfectly everytime and i wouldn’ t expect less from apple. Given the playbook is relatively new it is quite a machine even though it still has a Lot of work to be done. As of now ipad2 crushes it but i wouldn’t count RIM out just yet.

  • Reginald Vel Johnson

    haahaha I love how nobody is talking about how much better all the Droid tablets are. This is basically a fight between Cuttlefish and Asparagus, or Vanilla Paste.

  • Can I use bbm on the blackberry playbook Without another device ?!!