Those of you paying attention will remember how just last week we told you about the Griffin Helo TC, a wonderful little helicopter that’s controlled by the power of your mind! Well, it actually needs an iPhone between your mind and the Helo TC, but still, that’s cool right?

Last week the helicopter was out of stock, but now it’s back in stock, and available for purchase at just $49.99. Bargaintastic…

The one downside to Griffin’s ‘copter? It’s IR-based, which means that it needs line-of-sight with the iPhone controller. The A.R. Drone works using WiFi, which obviously doesn’t have such a problem. The A.R. Drone is considerably more expensive, though, so for 50 Bucks, you really can’t go wrong.

Perhaps just as impressive as the Helo TC is Griffin’s promotional video, which both entertains and indeed, informs.

So, who’s ordering?


  • Appleguy

    I just placed my order for 2, one for my son and one for me!!!! The kid in me pushed me to do it!

  • Rev Joe

    I have been waiting for weeks to order this things and I have discoverd that The Netherlands wasn’t included to the countries that you have to choose from. I’m desperate now. Please help

    • dabe

      Rev Joe If you are willing to pay me 20 for my time plus shipping to the Netherlands I’d be happy to help you out. I sold iPhones on eBay and have shipped to the Netherlands before, just let me know. Or maybe people are already selling them on eBay you could try that too. Good luck

  • Dodgerdeezy

    Does anyone know if this works with iPod touch??

    • Drock

      Yeah it does. Check out the compatabilty part on their website.

  • Mark

    The end is funny.