Numerous purported iPhone 5 cases have surfaced from suppliers and sources overseas in the last couple months, with the most recent finding pointing towards an iPhone ‘4S’ device with a modified antenna design.

Instead of a totally redesigned iPhone 5, this case leak suggests that Apple will unveil a more evolutionary iPhone 4S device with slight design changes…

From iPatchiPods, this iPhone 4S casing shows two antenna breaks at the bottom of the frame. On the GSM/AT&T iPhone 4, the antennas are located at the bottom and top left sides of the body, while the CDMA (Verizon) iPhone 4’s antennas are located on both top sides of the framing.

MacRumors believes that this design change means that the iPhone 4S will be a global device capable of running on multiple networks.

“The reason for the movement of the antenna breaks is to accommodate different frequencies of the different mobile technologies. This “iPhone 4S” appears to have a slot for a SIM card, suggesting that at a minimum it will support the GSM standard like the original AT&T iPhone 4. It is believed the iPhone 5 will support both GSM and CDMA, but we haven’t heard anything definitive about the band support for this iPhone 4S.”

Multiple reports have come out over the last several months that Apple’s next iPhone will be a world phone with a SIM card slot, so this leaked casing makes sense.

Additionally, this leaked casing shows that the mute/lock switch and volume rocker placement has not changed. The bottom part of the casing suggests a slightly redesigned home button with possible multitouch gestures. We’ve also heard this rumor before.

The next iPhone is expected to launch in either September or October, with rumors suggesting that Apple could unveil two new iPhone models at once.

  • Leon

    Leaked parts are obsolete right now, it only bring more questions instead of answers. Give me a release date, Apple!!

    Now that Steve is out, release the KRAKEN!!

    • Jason Masters

      Ok people a global device is a gsm phone that has all radio bands including south America north America and Europe ok so please get your
      definition correct! A phone that has that
      crappy CDMA plus gsm is not global
      it’s just a phone with CDMA access that’s all I would think idownloadblog would know this distinction?

    • Jason Masters

      GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) phones work on international bands. Just simple stuff that any person who knows anything about cellphones can tell you.

      • Jack

        Alright smarty pants. I have read your previous comments and the like, and you most certainly are a moron. If you think you know better than iDB and the rest of the tech blogosphere, then you should probably start your own blog where you can talk about whatever it is that runs through that mundane little head of yours.

      • Jack

        I have seen you posting on this site several times and all I can say is that you are a complete idiot. A global phone is one that will work on all bands everywhere. Simply being GSM does not make a phone a global phone, the chipsets need to allow for the various frequencies major networks run on. For example, AT&T ant T-Mobile both are GSM carriers, yet they use different spectrum for their 3G connectivity. Hence, most phones are not completely compatible between the two (i.e. The iPhone only runs on the 2G EDGE network on TMo), whereas a global phone would contain a chipset that allows it to run on the full spectrum. Additionally, the CDMA chip that is being included ensures that Apple only needs to produce a single variant of the iPhone 5 while allowing the phone to connect to virtually every major carrier on the planet (while streamlining the process by which they write and release updates and ensuring that the user experience is simple and ubiquitous). Maybe you should do a little more thinking/reading before you start calling into question the intelligence of others.

        One more thing, if this is “just simple stuff that any person who knows anything about cell phones can tell” me then I will take your two previous pigheaded posts as evidence that you fall into the segment of the population that can’t tell me simple stuff about cell phones. Now please, do the world a favor and stop reading tech blogs, and at the very least stop posting your moronic drivel while belittling others in regards to topics that you clearly have not the slightest understanding of.

  • Leon

    @Jack…. Awesome dude!!, I could not say it better, one ignorant down, a lot more idiots to go, lol


    • Jason Masters

      All that to say absolutely nothing jack your an absolute trolling moron who doesn’t know shit except what you obviously googled and put together copy paste. Please if your so intellectually superior tell me all the countries that use CDMA tell me what CDMA stands for also do you even know what gsm stands for? A global device is all the bands plain and simple like I said and I am correct if I’m wrong then prove it without all your googling and petty remarks.
      you do know about the bands right? that Mexico has one europe has a couple north America has several those bands and a phone that has them all makes it global not simply because a phone has gsm and CDMA that’s not the definition if you can prove otherwise I challenge you I dare you however the entire world that uses gsm knows a global device runs on all gsm bands if it has CDMA that’s just an included chipset but CDMA is so entirely rare you wouldn’t know this because obviously you’ve never left America I’ve lived overseas in Italy and all over Europe so I have knowledge of this so go ahead and prove me wrong and yes I know your the Lil twerp that was using my name and wanted to get banned because you hate my posts so go ahead jack or whatever your name is speak your peace and prove your superior intellect without using google.

  • ic0edx

    If you look at the sim tray right picture left side, it takes regular sim cads. So it’s fake again!!!