We know, the tech world has been blanketed with Steve Jobs-related stories over the last 24 hours. It seems more like the man passed away, rather than just merely relinquishing his role as Apple’s CEO.

But in case you haven’t noticed, it’s a pretty big deal. Not only did the man turn a company around that was on the fringe of bankruptcy, he personally oversaw the production of some of our generation’s most popular products.

That being said, another interesting story has surfaced regarding Jobs’ exit. Apparently the ex-CEO, who’s been noticeably absent from Apple’s offices for the last 9 months, worked a full day in Cupertino before submitting his resignation…

Even after taking his leave of absence in January, Jobs has remained fairly visible. He was on hand to unveil the iPad 2 back in April, and introduced Apple’s new iCloud service during WWDC. There have even been reports that he has been involved in the ongoing China Mobile deal.

However, according to Bloomberg, Steve has been a homebody for the last few weeks. And although there has been no word on his current health condition, the former CEO’s appearance has been described as “weak.”

Ill or not, Bloomberg’s Adam Satariano reports that Jobs put in a full work day yesterday at the Cupertino campus. He attended a regularly scheduled board meeting, and was around up to the point that he sent out his resignation letter.

Perhaps this was a fitting end to one of the greatest eras in history. Jobs was known for his hard work and dedication. I can’t imagine what it was like to sit at the CEO desk for the last time, looking around at the empire that he built. Can you?


  • Matthew

    If I read another post about Steve Jobs I am going to puke. WHO THE HELL CARES!?

    • Binary-Stalker

      Shut up.

      • Maestro


    • Jason

      You’re on an iPhone related blog the day after the man who introduced the iPhone/iPod/iPad – pretty much everything this blog deals with – resigns. It’s a big deal. Of course there are going to be lots of Steve Jobs posts.

      • Mark

        It is a big deal but not so big that there should be ffifteen posts about it. Even ModMyi and iFans didn’t do close to this many postd

      • Maestro

        All of those who don’t want to hear another word about the FOUNDER OF APPLE, THE MAN BEHIND THE iPHONE, THE iPOD AND THE iPAD, I suggest you just don’t click on the stories, it’s not like you are re-directed to them….

    • Anthonyappleguy

      You’re a git.

    • James

      +1 .. I have several Apple products but seriously, the only people who give a shit about this are fanboys, FACT .. If it wasn’t Steve Jobs and Apple we’d all own other stuff so quit the constant arse kissing and move on, what’s done is done !!

    • MALdito

      “Boo Hoo, No mow Stweve Jobs!” Seriously, just bcuz he’s not the “Face” of the house-hold doesn’t mean he’s not part of the family or that they’re moving somewhere unfamiliar.
      Please, can we move on from Steve ‘Freakin’ Jobs already!

    • SIN

      dumbass, get off a apple blog

    • Josh

      It’s like opening the Bible and wondering why the word “God” shows up many times. GET REAL, THIS IS THE APPLE WORLD, THIS IS HIS WORLD.

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        +1 very well said 😀

  • ian

    im kinda curious who he sent the resignation letter to? what if he just sent it to himself… haha

  • Ibrahim Sait

    @ Matthew
    Dude STFU or else get ready to be punched in the face by i dont know a million people !!!

    • James

      Get real, Apple fagboy.

      • TimCook

        You mess with one apple, you mess with big Apple.

    • Mark

      Why don’t you STFU

  • Dick Fontaine

    To answer the question “who the hell cares”…People who own a lot of Apple stock care

    • Unless you were planning to sell your Apple Stock today, you should not care.

      In fact, now is a good time to buy when it is on “sale” and the price is taking a dip.

  • Dick Fontaine

    I sold mine earlier this year…I bought it in 1997 for a little over $4 a share