When Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO of Apple yesterday, it’s fair to say he was doing a decent job. The company makes some of the most sought-after devices in the industry, and is sitting on one of the largest piles of cash imaginable.

A survey of about 1,000 Apple employees now claims that Jobs’ co-workers was also impressed with the Jobs era, with a staggering 97% of those questioned saying that they believe Jobs was doing a good job…

Ratings site Glassdoor put the report together, with Apple sitting alongside other tech companies such as Amazon and Microsoft.

Amazon’s staff seem happy with Jeff Bezos, too, with 84% voicing a positive opinion. Not such good news in Redmond though, with Steve Balmer’s leadership coming under question – just 46% of the Microsoft staff feeling he was taking the software giant in the right direction.

Jobs’ numbers will take some living up to, and that’s exactly what new CEO Tim Cook will be hoping to do from now on.


  • God

    That sounds about right for Microsoft Lmfao.. I know a few people that works for MS and they all can’t stand the guy and what he’s doing… Surprisingly, I’m impressed with the percentage of people that like what Steve Jobs was doing, while I myself ABSOLUTELY LOVE the way he had been handleing apple, I always imaging the people working for him might not enjoy him or his views, or all the secrecy they have to go through, dispite all the positive outcome that’s come since Steve… I’ll miss you Steve and even though your no longer CEO, I still hope to see you at a WWDC conference next summer… We love you Steve

    • AppleBits

      Amen to that. 🙂

    • The One

      Geez, for a “god” your can’t spell properly. That is just plain sad.

      • God

        You never made a mistake before??

    • Rulz

      i totally aggree with you… I always think that Steve was not “the best lovely boss” but he actually knows what he was doing… He was Great CEO…

  • er1c23

    Seems about right to me.

  • James

    Who cares!

    • Dane

      +1. iPhone is a good device but I’m not going to give away my first born to apple or jobs the pathetic fanboys on here

  • Aphrodite