Apple’s iDevice-related patents receive more attention online than those of any other product. And if you haven’t figured out how important patents are in this industry, just take a look around.

While patents in general can be boring legal documents, the ones coming out of Cupertino can hint at future products and features. Take this next filing for example. It describes a method of solar-powered charging for electronic devices…

As TUAW points out, this particular patent just covers the boring components of solar power. It talks more about harnessing the solar energy, rather than capturing it.

Regardless, Apple continues to churn out evidence of its interest in solar energy. In fact, the company filed a patent application back in 2008 regarding a multitouch display that doubled as a solar panel.

While most applications don’t make it to consumer products, this patent was approved and could certainly wind up in an iDevice or two. I know I wouldn’t mind being able to sit outside, using my iPad as it charged wirelessly, would you?

  • Meh

    Oh /what/ an original idea! Charge stuff via the sun’s energy gee how does apple come up with this?!

    • Acolz

      This is solar panel in the screen so shut up and read the article !

    • Acolz

      This is solar panel in the screen so shut up and read the article.

  • Ben

    Off topic, but Jobs has resigned.

  • Ben

    Off topic, but Jobs has resigned. The future?

  • Max

    You are talking about solarenergy while steve jobs has resigned? This is baaaad.

  • Kevin

    God.. Really they are a fucking’s there jobs to post on different news ALL DAY if they had 20 different Steve jobs resigned post Id shoot my self! They already posted about jobs! Just go read it FÙÇK 😀

    • Sane

      I’m sure, whatever you are trying to say, is probably right – but, to help those of us who only speak and read English, could you possibly either make sense or go away?