It’s only fitting that we go back to what changed everything. Steve Jobs has resigned as the CEO of Apple, and it’s time to reminisce about the man that changed the present and future of consumer technology.

Here’s Steve introducing the first iPhone in June of 2007 at Macworld…

Are you getting it? Today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone.

What a legend.

  • Brandon

    iCried. :'(

    Good luck Steve.

    • saice

      iCried nice

  • Wikk

    Got the chills when I was watching this little clip

    • Dimz

      I got goosebumps. Wish I was in the crowd. Woulda been amazing.

    • Li

      +1 wannawatch the whole thing again…

  • Podphone

    Thank you for sucking our money by slowly kicking the old iDevices outta update list all this time leading us to buy the newest one. Howfuckinever, we still buy your stuff. =)

  • kuipo77

    The most successful business man in American history!!!!! From building the first apple computer on his parents garage to building an empire!!! Just freaking AMAZING!!!

  • Zaskar

    My original iPhone with the original battery still in use. Quality, Quality and more Quality.

  • Medo

    Steve Jobs days…nice days

    Good Luck Steve Jobs


  • Hopefully he still does keynotes :).

    • well he is the chairman i think he might do keynotes

    • I hope he does too!

  • David Ashman

    This really was the tipping point for consumer electronics. There have been several recent graphics of what consumer electronics, particularly music players, phones and portable computers looked like before Apple’s products entered the market, and the shift is pretty drastic. You forget when you have one in your pocket every day what it was like just 5 years ago. And when you have a young child who at 3 already can navigate an iPhone/iPad effortlessly, you realize that the world as they know it will be a very different place.

  • Distenta

    A Big innovating man, withour a doubt. Thank you Steve Jobs for all your effort on Apple and all the Quality Products.