In this day in age it seems like carriers are more focused on “streamlining” their wireless plans rather than introducing new ones. In fact, AT&T followed up its unlimited data plan-ban by getting rid of its $10 SMS package.

Verizon, on the other hand, has just introduced a new wireless plan to serve up data for low-end customers. The $20 per month plan will give users 300MB of data per month, and is available now through September 30. Read on for more details…

“This is a great introductory plan for customers who have been contemplating moving from  a basic phone to a smartphone but were hesitant of cost. The $20 monthly access promotional plan is an opportunity for customers to learn the many benefits of having a smartphone with email and calendar functions, as well as internet access and apps, at their fingertips.”

As Cult of Mac points out, the new data plan has been set up to rival AT&T’s $15 option, which provides customers with 200MB. If you ask me, $5 for the extra 100MB is well worth it. That’s a difference of several eBook or app downloads.

The new deal is obviously not for the heavy users. For those folks, Verizon offers 2GB of data for $30 a month, $50 for 5GB, and $80 a month for 10GB. $80 dollars?  “I remember when you could get unlimited data for $30 dollars.”

Apparently the new plan is only available to customers in Maryland, North Carolina, Washington DC, and Virginia. And it’s only available through the end of September. However, it sounds like Verizon is planning on taking the deal nationwide this holiday season.

What do you think of Verizon’s new data plan?

  • Wikan

    What’s up with the prices in the states? In Sweden i pay 10$ for 1GB and after the data is used they just lower the speed to 1mb for the rest of the month.

    • Mike

      The US is just a big rip off for everything.

      • Matt

        The US is in no way a ripping off people. Here in the UK, on Vodafone, you can pay $60…wait for it… for only 1GB data allowance per month!!! There is no unlimited here (apart from on the network, 3)

      • Mike

        $60, get real, I live in the UK and I pay £25 a month and that includes 1GB (more than 3 times the allowance in this post) plus my line rental, plus my message and call package .. There may not be unlimited data like there used to be but it is far cheaper in the UK than the US and that was proved again by what they pay for cable etc per month.

    • Bruno

      Here in Brazil i pay $20 for 150MB! And the speed is only 1mb! When the data is used i go for a 300kbps speed!
      -.- i hate ot! Too expensive for a slow speed

  • Damn that’s expensive

  • 300MB!? Who could possibly stay under 300MB? I go through 300MB in less than 12 hours.

    • Derpy

      What the hell are you doing while not around wifi?

  • Steve

    How bout they spend some money on a better network that can handle the bandwidth for an unlimited plan instead of pocketing it all! Greedy bastards!!

  • Dane

    This is retarded. You get 2000mb on att for $5 more. Aka 2gb plan

  • Andy

    Yeah that is expensive. 3G has been here for just the last few months, but we have more reasonable plans. I pay $10 for 600 MB and $13 for 1.2 GB and used to think that was expensive.

  • Jacksparrow

    This is crap. Here we are are living in America. A place where anything is possible. A place that more than 40 years ago put man and various vehicles on the moon. And now we got uneducated morons trying to convince the general public that bandwidth for daily cell phone usage is more per day than their weekly grocery bill. Give me break with your 2 and 3 ebooks. Americans need to wake up and take back what is theirs from the lobbyist scum in washington pulling wool over your eyes and telling you how much can data you can drink. screw that might = right so go execute ur rights.

    • Bill

      If you are going to sit there and talk about uneducated morons you might want to make sure you use proper grammar and make sure that your sentences are ones that make sense. And ur is not a word so go back to what you learned in school and quit making Americans look like uneducated morons.

    • Jamaler

      Amen to that brother.

  • Polemicist


    We can get Infinite Calls mobile or Australian landline Infinite text to Australian numbers and 500 GB of data with infinite Social Networking data for $45 and for an extra $20 we get 2 GB of data.

    The US and UK are getting screwed over…

    That is really sad…

  • Telejeesus

    I just used about 800Gb last month full speed. 12,90€/month (Inc. Two SIM cards + USB 3G modem for that other sim). I downloaded some serious data with USB modem + iPhone 4 tethered to computer 😀
    (USB modem gets about 8-11Mb and iPhone 4-6Mb)

  • MILE

    This is becoming more and more absurd: now that people use modern smartphones and need more bandwidth and the infrastructure is actually able to support this the carriers start downsizing their plans while overcharging people at the same time…!?!

    And it does seem especially bad in the US, from what I hear and read…

    Over here in Germany we do feel ripped of by carriers occasionally but it’s still way not as bad as what customers in the US have to endure…! But then again, there’s only two major players there and they can pretty much do whatever they want…

  • Walterhudson

    I agree with the dudes above. Americans are getting ripped off and most of the media is brain washing folks into believe these rates are normal.