With all of the statistics flying about regarding Android and Apple handset sales, it’s extremely easy to get confused. Sometimes you hear that iPhones are topping the charts, and other times you see that Android is “leading the market.”

MacRumors points to a survey done by the NPD research firm that might just help clear the air. Their quarterly Mobile Phone Track report gives some serious insight into who is the top-dog in the mobile industry…

It’s no surprise that Android handsets lead the U.S. smartphone market with 52%. That means that out of all of the smartphones sold during the 2nd quarter of this year, over half of them were Android devices. In comparison, Apple garnered 29%.

The reason why that shouldn’t shock you is that there have been over 30 new Android handsets introduced by the 4 major carriers (and countless smaller ones) this year. Apple has had 2 models available on 2 major U.S. operators.

But while Android sold the most devices, there wasn’t a single handset that outsold the iPhone 4. Even the 3GS, a phone introduced over 2 years ago, sold more than the competition.

Here are the top five best-selling phones during Q2, via NPD’s Mobile Phone Track service:

  1. Apple iPhone 4
  2. Apple iPhone 3GS
  3. HTC EVO 4G
  4. HTC Inspire 4G
  5. Samsung INTENSITY 2

SplatF notes some of the reasons behind the iPhone’s popularity, like the fact that this was the first full quarter the Verizon version was available, and the white iPhone 4 launch. Obviously, AT&T’s 3GS for $49 promotion helped out as well.

I think the fact that a phone that has been on the market for 26 months (3GS) and is still outselling new devices speaks volumes about Apple’s products. $50 or not, the company seems to really know both what people want, and will want.

What do you think about the survey results?

  • Yboy403

    Yeah, Apple’s doing well. Kind of gives me a feeling that they’ll screw up the iPhone 5 somehow…

    • Geek

      Funny I had 1,2,4 and they are all good devices… Android OS still sucks after slowing down with 5 apps installed…

    • Geek

      Funny I had 1,2,4 and they are all good devices. Android OS still sucks after slowing down with 5 apps installed.

    • Geek

      Funny I had 1,2,4 and they are all good devices. Android OS ssucks lows after slowing down with 5 apps installed.

  • Bogy

    Can you get iPhone 4 in the US free of charge at some certain contracts? I see here, in the UK, some carriers offer even te White IPhone 4, free and with affordable monthly contracts (£25, £30). That network is shit though. Of course the 3GS is offered free by every carrier who’s got it.

    • dylan

      Cheapest new is 150$

    • Mike

      @ Bogy, free but on what contract, 2 years, errr, i’ll pass, i’d rather pay for the handset and have my 12 month contract at 25 per month.

  • Alec

    @ jon garrett where are you in this one? No bogus facts telling us this is wrong and the all mighty android is ahead of iOS in every category across the board…? Hahaahah you sir are a joke.

  • Mahesh

    Why should we believe this statistics if you say ask us not to believe any other statistics? You guys are just biased and never give out true report, which is fine because you are “i”downloadblog and you have to do justice for that name of your site 🙂

    • Yboy403

      If you’re finished, look at the title of the post. It’s not about the popularity of iOS. Apple clearly loses that battle to Android, at least for now. It’s about devices, where iPhone 4 beats all comers hands down, a remarkable feat considering its age. The statistics they’re telling you to ignore in determining the popularity of the device are irrelevant to that determination.
      If you don’t fully understand a post, that’s find, but don’t leave asinine comments afterwards.

    • Yboy403


  • That’s for sure that Apple tops the list without any confusion. Apple iPhone 4 is the best device i have seen and also waiting for the iPhone 5 to hit the market. Really an amazing device.

  • Darrin

    I agree with Alec. Where’s Jon Garret with his market share talk? Hardware wise apple dominates all 3 of it’s markets. And I think it is an accepted fact they won’t win the operating system market share crown in the phone department. But over all with iPads and iPods included they win it too. Good article. Thanks

  • Mattia

    iPhone is one of the best smartphones I have ever had. But the only problem is that the Bluetooth doesn’t work. Android is ok. Lately I’ve been trying to write an email with an android is kind of screwed up. The keyboard isn’t that good. It was a Samsung. iPhone’s keyboard is the one that I prefer after the BlackBerrie’s one. But although the BB’s one is nice the buttons are too small for my fingers 😀