As we reported a couple days ago, Best Buy is offering Apple’s iPhone 3GS for free today only. Of course, it comes with a 2-year commitment with AT&T, but for free, you could only expect that.

With the iPhone 5 right around the corner, my suggestion would be to wait a month or so for the latest device to come out. Still, I understand that not everybody has $200 saved up for a new phone, and the 3GS might just be all you need…

You can’t get a better deal than free, so head over to Best Buy and take advantage of this great deal.

  • Its not worth it anyway. Soon the support of ios 5 will stop

  • Rob

    Just bought it online. They still charge 40 dollars of sales tax…

  • Vincent

    Definetly not worth it, since iOS 5 will be the last OS the 3GS will support.

  • Michael

    not really a big deal. Radioshack does sales like that all the time.