We love taking photos with our iPhones here at iDB. Like just about everyone else, we’re already addicted to photo-sharing apps like Instagram and Photovine.

Even though iOS 5 will bring the ability to take photos using the iPhone’s volume up button, we’re still of the age where we remember the good old polaroids with their huge shutter button, and we have to admit, we do miss it.

There’s just something about a big mechanical button for setting free the magic that is a photograph, and that’s where the makers of POPA agree with us…

BeepHQ, the guys behind POPA, also believe that mechanical buttons rule, and that’s why they put together this little contraption.

So what exactly is POPA? In the words of the team themselves:

“POPA is the iPhone 4 accessory that adds a big red juicy camera button to your phone.”

To elaborate on that ever so slightly, POPA is a device that attaches to the bottom of an iPhone 4, using the dock connector. Then, using the team’s own app, the ‘big red juicy camera button’ takes photos, which can then be pushed out to a whole host of apps – including Instagram.

“The design is rmly rooted in the now but with a subtle, respectful nod to the beautiful and iconic cameras of the past. Made in brushed aluminium the design incorporates a tactile textured plastic grip overlayed onto the metal barrel and, of course, a lovely big red shutter button.”

POPA is available to order now for £49.99/$74.99, and for a limited time, delivery is just $1 inside the United States and £1 outside. A wrist strap and protective pouch are also included in the price.

Hopefully we’ll have a more in-depth look at the POPA in the near future, so stay tuned for that!

  • Mike

    £50 to do nothing but add a big red button, I don’t think so !!

    • Will


  • Jason Masters

    Nice product great design great implementation however lousy starting point price this will fail.

  • P.

    For 80 bucks I can buy a much better camera than the iPhone has. No offense to the iPhone I think it has a great camera for being a phone but 80 bones.

    I think not. Like the above poster.

  • Eric Wills

    Uh….no thanks !

  • PPDeluXe

    I agree with “fail”.

  • Frankie

    Or download facesnap from cydia to use the volume buttons as a camera shutter

  • Jeff

    This would be a world beater at $30 maybe $40 but the poster (P) that said they can buy a better camera for $80 is 100% correct. You still have to carry 2 “devices” with this accessory and it looks almost as big as a small point and shoot so unless they drop the price this will probably not do well.

  • Interesting. It used to be called Red Pop on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/786496402/red-pop

    I would be all over this if it wasn’t $75 US + shipping. That’s a lot for a big, red button. And it doesn’t even do video yet. Plus, I think iOS 5 really put a damper on this. Went for the olloclip instead and have not regretted it.

  • this has nothing on that popular Game Boy skin you can get for your iPhone

  • Max

    To much for just a bid red button! Not working to work here in the state!