Here at iDB we’ve covered a lot of lawsuits involving Apple and their hit line of iDevices. Most, if not all, of the litigation has involved patents. You know, those little pieces of paper that tie an invention to its inventors.

In fact, these patents have practically turned into weapons in the warzone that is now the mobile industry. It seems like everyone is suing everyone — it’s hard to keep up. Luckily, the folks over at Reuters have made a chart to help us out…

As you can tell from the chart, Apple is involved in the most legal battles. They’ve been sued by Kodak, they just recently reached a settlement with Nokia after a lengthy lawsuit, and they’re basically suing every Android manufacturer, except LG.

Of the ongoing litigation between the three Android handset makers, the fight with the Samsung has proved the most destructive. For a brief period, they were banned from shipping their Galaxy Tab 10.1 to several European countries.

I’m reminded of a comment Steve Jobs made during the original iPhone keynote back in 2007. After listing some of the device’s features he said, “and boy have we patented it.” I don’t think he quite imagined the above outcome, though.

What’s your take on all of the litigation in the mobile industry? Getting pretty ridiculous, isn’t it?


  • Max

    Stupid americans.

    • Mike

      +! .. They have no1 to blame but themselves, they have created a society that sues over everything, whether it be a big company or a person suing their neighbour for dog shitting on their lawn, it’s pathetic really.

  • fhfnjmgf

    Ugh.. Too confusing to read!!!!

  • Dave

    I love that Apple isn’t suing Kodak back… all the other suits are a two way sue, but they aren’t even bothered enough by kodak to give them the time of day.

    • Joest

      I noticed that, too. I wonder why that’s the case.

    • tho

      Suing Kodak back because Apple invented the camera?

      • Techno709


  • Rick

    Stupid Americans!

    • Rick

      In general…

      • Cristian

        Yup. That’s right Stupid Americans. That makes apple, Microsoft, intel, etc. Stupid

  • goofygreek

    Hey, does anyone know how i can sue apple because I let my 2 year old play with my iPhone 4 and he dropped it and the rear glass broke. LOL, remember that. Haha

  • Binary-Stalker

    Guys, seriously.

    Blame the company, not the nationality of the people who created them. Because I’m starting to get offended.

  • Lloyd

    I don’t sweat the American comments. I’ve lived all over Europe and the are some really idiotic Europeans, and their governments aren’t much better. Germany is about the only country that has a clue in all of the Euro zone.

    • Nick


  • Calling a society of people stupid is just ignorant. Calling the reason why one company is suing another stupid is a good opinion.

  • Ehsan

    I dont think its stupid. If patened then no other company should “steal” those ideas, technology etc. Apple has every right to sue and so are all those other companys.

  • Frandsen

    In these patent issues, I can see the idea in suing each other over intellectual property, but some of the worst caes I’ve heard here in Denmark about Americans, are the ones about the Bozo woman who was suing McDonald’s because she burned herself on hot cofee – that’s why the cup today says “Content may be hot!” and the other woman who was suing the Autocamper-manufactor because ahe set her MobileHome on AutoPilot and left the steering wheel to go and fix dinner because she though the car who just drive itself to it’s desired destination….

    Now, that’s just plain stupid… and noone else than Americans would do that.
    So.. what’s this thing with Americans doing these Bozo-things? Is it the idea itself that is stupid, the person, or the whole American upbringing about the fact that you can walk around with your head in your a** and blame everyone else?
    The Italians might have a corrupt government, but no other country’s people on the face on this earth would be stupid enough to ellect a George W. Bush for President – and the laughs just keep on comming 😉

    I love the US and have visited many times, but there’s a lot of things to shake your head and sigh about “overthere”… 🙂

    • Joest

      It’s racist and discriminatory to put forth the idea that only Americans do dumb things. Unintelligent people do unintelligent things all around the world everyday. The reason you hear about Americans doing this stuff is because our news media reports on it.

      In fact, look at the Darwin Awards. The grand majority of the people mentioned are /not/ from America.

  • ruslan

    ok let me tell you the true image here…
    in america its a constitutional right for a person to take his\her right from those who do a person wrong…
    i wouldnt mind to agree on the fact its stupid to sue companies and win this case over a hot coffee and a cup that doesnt have “content may be hot”
    what more stupid, is the famous lawsuit for a man killing his cat just because he is way too idiot to put it in a microwave…and suing the company because they didnt write “dont insert living animals”

    and if americans are feeling offended by calling them stupid and ignorant…you should think of the way you do it back on others…europians, arabs…religious wise as well…its not about opinion…its respect…if your opinion holds disrespectful thoughts then keep to yourself….

    and about the main topic…i think apple with all its inventions…is suing out of stupidity…just to win money just like the cases mentioned above…keeping its inventions to the company’s name is like keeping the knowledge to a group of people…and why are they suing for…samsung is way better than apple…and the things samsung does is 10 folds more innovative…starting from the galaxy phone series…to the tabs which is better than the ipads…and that im talking out of experience…

    peace out

  • Joest

    ‘its not about opinion…its respect…if your opinion holds disrespectful thoughts then keep to yourself….’

    Look at the bot calling them kettle black, everyone. Saying that you should keep your opinions to yourself and then going on an extremely long anti-Apple and borderline racist rant?

    We have a winner here, folks!

  • made In Nigeria

    live and let’s live, someone invented something first and all products are based on someone else’s so why all these wars?