As we’ve known for several months now, Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 5 this Fall. More recently, we’ve heard rumors of a late September pre-order opening, which places the announcement earlier in the month.

With a new iPhone set to be unveiled in a matter of weeks, expect its predecessor to receive some major discounting. Originally offered for $199, we’ve seen the 16GB iPhone 4 go for as low as $147.

Now we are hearing that multiple Canadian carriers are offering the device for just $99…

iPhoneinCanada is reporting that Virgin Mobile, along with Bell and Telus, have dropped the price of the iPhone 4 to under $100 bucks. This marks the lowest price we’ve seen to date.

It appears that only the 16GB model has received the price drop, as the 32G is still selling for $269. And you better make sure you won’t want to upgrade anytime soon, since the $99 price tag locks you into a 3 year contract.

I’m wondering how long it will be before other carriers follow suit. Even with an impending iPhone 5 announcement, the iPhone 4 at $100 dollars is a slick deal. Especially compared to other handsets that carriers are hocking for that price.

Would you buy an iPhone 4 on contract for $100?

  • Chewy

    Dats a good deal….. But theres that 3 yr contract… That is too long. Not a good deal after all.

  • Dane

    3 year contract and they still want you to pay $100 for a phone that’s over a year old? Hahaha. Get real

    • It was cheaper than that when it first come out
      Contract wise at least

  • xScortezx

    Ahh just like how the iPhone 3GS used to be. 😀

  • Mike

    LOL @ Apple, they still try and milk every last cent from their products, even the 3GS, free or not, is on a 2 year contract, I wouldn’t even take a 2 year contract for a brand new, top of the line phone let alone old phones .. 12 months all the way, i’d much rather pay £500 unlocked here in the UK or £350 ish on a 12 month contract, ye you might pay more upfront but you pay far more over the 2 years and your tied in to an old handset and deal, balls to that !!

    • JM

      This would be Bell, not Apple…

  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  • virgin mobile in Canada is the best company, never once had a problem and if you dont want a contract they have a tab system.

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