Apple released iOS 5 Beta 6 yesterday to developers. What we hadn’t confirmed, until now, is the expiration date of the latest beta release.

As you may know, all iOS beta versions that Apple releases have an expiration date, and past this expiration date, devices that haven’t been updated will be disabled, that is, at least until they’re updated to a newer version…

iOS hacker iH8Sn0w announced yesterday on Twitter that iOS 5 Beta 6 will expire on September 29, at 8pm.

Of course, by that time, Apple will have already released the 7th version, or maybe the GM release. Who knows, maybe the official iOS 5 release will be out by then. We certainly hope so.

Questions? Comments?

  • Cameron MacGregor

    maybe the next release is the public version that we all get on the 1st or summit????

  • iPwn

    Question. Will it expire at 8 EST or at 9 EDT?

    • Zara

      Look at the picture – 8 EST

  • Idi0t

    does this unlock iPhone 4???

  • Gymaddictjp

    I really wish they would just release the iOS 5 for users already because of how many people are waiting for an os that won’t pop up notification’s BlackBerry already has this feature & Android why isn’t apple doing this without a jailbreak? Come on Apple

    • Will

      Would rather wait months or get a buggy version that will probably be buggier

  • Vincent

    When will beta 4 expire? Updating is a hassle and I hate updating only to have a new beta come out a few days later :P.