With iPad 3 stories currently fighting for attention with iPhone 5 claims and counterclaims, the latest information on Apple’s next tablet comes from the always reliable Wall Street Journal.

The WSJ weighed in on the speculation with a claim that their sources believe Apple is now planning to bring the iPad 3 to market some time in 2012, and not the late 2011 window that had previously been banded around.

Interestingly, the Journal also added fuel to the fire with the news that the next iPad will sport a super-high resolution display, bringing the Retina Display to the company’s tablet line…

“Apple Inc. is working with component suppliers and its assembler in Asia for the trial production of its next generation iPad from October, people familiar with the situation say, as it looks to stay ahead of the competition in the fast-growing tablet computer market. The next generation iPad is expected to feature a high resolution display – 2048 by 1536 compared with 1024 by 768 in the iPad 2 – and Apple’s suppliers have already shipped small quantities of components for the sampling of the iPad 3. Suppliers said Apple has placed orders for a 9.7-inch screen device.”

The 2048×1536 display would make the 9.7″ screen one of the highest resolution machines we’ve seen, and will certainly add a whole new dimension to digital books and other text-heavy applications. Gamers, too, will no doubt welcome the news of an increased number of pixels.

While a delay, if it can be called that, is never a good thing, we’ll happily accept a longer wait in favor of that many pixels!

It is worth noting that this report does line up with a recent rumor that Apple had cancelled iPad 3 supply orders for the later half of this year.

  • ic0edx

    Finally…can’y wait, I’ll get one the first day it’s out. By the way in the picture above is that a wallpaper, you know the metallic look and the little holes with the net in them. Can anyone help?

    • BoNzY

      Yeah it’s wallpaper

  • Jon Garrett

    what else will it have besides a retina display?

    will it still have the same sh!tty 0.7mp rear camera?
    will it still lack USB ports, HDMI pot, SD slot?
    will it still lack flash?
    will it still only have 720p?
    will it still lack rear camera flash?
    will it still have less than 1gig of memory?
    will it still be a portrait-centric device running iOS 5 a be essentially a giant iPod?

    by October, Android tablets will be shipping with quad core processors and true 720p displays. they already have higher res front and rear cameras, they already have USB, HDMI and SD, they already support flash, they already have 1080p, they already have 1gig of memory so I can see them still having these features and who knows how much more.

    is calling it “Pro” and having a higher res display enough to make people dump their iPad 2’s.

    • J-

      Buy an Andriod POS then you giant turd!!!

    • jansy

      who enjoys quad core on a lagging, buggy, inferior android software?

  • Khalid

    And they already sell more than iPad. 😉

    • Marc Glave

      I was thinking the same thing lol

  • Android may have these things but where is the style and penash 🙂

  • Pete

    About the shelf wallpaper I’ve got the wallpaper for about 6 months now. There’s a free app in Cydia its called Shelf Backgrounds and Wallpapers thats where you’ll find the wallpaper and to top it off with “no Docked Icon Labels 4.0 on Cydia. The wallpaper is best viewed when theres no cluttering of Icon labels. Hope that Helps.

  • Pete

    Also the best thing that happened to my dock is the ability to add more icons and scroll with Scroll Board from Cydia