It may be coming to the end of its extended lifetime, but Apple’s iPhone 3GS is about to get a send off that should make many bargain hunters happy.

The two-plus year old iPhone 3GS is set to go on sale at Best Buy stores, with the super low price of free being a major win for the little phone that could. The downside? You’ll have to sign your soul over with a two year contract in order to qualify. The one-day sale kicks off on August 22nd…

What might seem like a steal at first suddenly starts to turn sour when you scratch the surface. Yes, you might be getting a capable handset for no upfront cost, but you might not be so keen on your 4 year old device when the iPhone 5 is just around the corner.

Our suggestion? Wait a couple of months and pick up a cheap iPhone 4 once its replacement is in the stores.

Will you be rushing out to pick up an iPhone 3GS for free from Best Buy? Or is it still not worth it?

  • Mark

    The 3GS has been free in Canada for almost a year now…. On a contract that is.

  • iMclovinnx

    i wouldent go for it as the 3gs 16GB is avalible in the uk for about £150 second hand which is what i got after i washed my iphone 4

  • Mike

    Who wants 1 seriusly !! A 2, 3 year old phone on a 2 year contract, what a rip of that is.

  • Ana

    In Canada, as of today, you can get the 4 for $99 and a 3 year contract. The 3gs has been free for a while now.

  • Burge

    You can get the 3GS on O2 in the uk for free on a 2 year contract at £21.50 a month…but with the i4s/5 coming out soon , it’s better to wait and get the i4 cause that will come down in price…or just get the i4s/5

  • Chewy

    I would get a free 3GS…. If i didnt care about streaming and downloading and stuff… So i’ll get the i5.

  • SJ

    In Australia on the Vodafone 29 cap now the 3gs is free for 2 year…