There’s been no shortage of jailbreak tweaks that allow you to unlock you iPhone in some unique way, but StyleUnlock claims to take the cake when it comes to the stylishness that will ooze from your fingers upon swiping you lockscreen.

StyleUnlock is a tweak that focuses solely on its primary function β€” unlocking your iPhone from the lockscreen using multitouch gestures.

In total, there are over a dozen gestures for you to master, and the following video walkthrough showcases a few of them in action…

I like StyleUnlock because it doesn’t try to do too much, and the gestures themselves are very precise. I never had a problem unlocking my iPhone with any of the 13 gestures included with the package.

If you’ve been looking to unlock your iPhone in style, then you simply can’t go wrong with StyleUnlock. It’s free, and it’s available on the BigBoss repo right now for jailbreakers.

Have you had a chance to try it yet?

  • Manuel

    Good review. Like the gestures. It’s somewhat like move to unlock.

  • Dante

    Does it work with lockinfo?

    • Saltb0x


  • Jimmy

    Pretty pointless tweak again though tbh, there may be more gestures but activator already allows you to unlock your device by swiping or double tapping etc.

    • Saltb0x

      pinch? hide the slider?two finger swipes?tap & hold? i never knew activator could also do this…

      • PepperSh8ker

        Haha^^ I’m on your side saltbox, this isn’t even in the same catagory as activator. I’ll try it out for sure.

      • Saltb0x

        oh yeah lol im the dev of this tweak πŸ˜€

      • Craig

        Who cares if you’re the dev, what do you want, a medal ??

      • Saltb0x

        no. i dont want anything…like it .. install it.. dont like it dont install it… its completely your wish… i never asked you to care about who the dev is also take it easy man…

      • Vicky

        Hi saltb0x, I’ve not installed dis tweak, as m not into unlocking stylers.. πŸ™‚ jz wrote this to thank you for ur work.. n more over giving it eva for free.. appreciate ur work.. n donn get offended by people who push yu down.. good work, m sure der ll b many who ll fall in love wid ur tweak.. n best tng abt it iz its free.. πŸ™‚ appreciate it. πŸ™‚

    • JoBerlin

      No it isn’t. My 2 year old niece figured out how to unlock my iPhone. She even figured out how to use that back&forth unlock tweak (I forgot the name of that tweak).
      Hopefully this one will keep her away from the phone for a while πŸ˜‰

  • Jimmy

    Did you even read what i wrote, I said this has more gestures but by no means does it warrant installing when activator can do the same job .. and for the record, activator can unlock by tapping and holding the status bar.

    • stu

      its a nice tweak & also its free…. did you expect it be callbar or mobilenotifier?

  • Mayank

    not there in cydia…
    i am not able to find it after typing in search box too..
    bigboss repo is added…

  • Mayank

    got it πŸ™‚

  • jferrell

    I was not able to find it in Cydia. Was it taken down?

    • james

      well it is live… did you refresh cydia? also search “StyleUnlock”

    • Mayank

      Just reload and it will be there..

  • Geno

    Craig is trying to start trouble again. What a D-Bag

  • Mayank

    guys this thing sucks..
    if u disable the slide bar then u cannot answer the calls..
    also if its not disabled slide to answer doesnot work properly..
    overall it sucks..

  • jferrell

    It also disables the slide to power off when holding down the sleep button. I unfortunately turned off the slide to unlock (disregarding the written warning) and now the gesture i picked won’t work (I tried all the others just in case) to unlock my phone. I’m now sitting here looking at my unlock screen trying to think of a way to get into my phone…
    Any suggestions?

    • Abc

      Umm play the video above.. See the list of gestures and try all of them..

    • Use SBSettings and boot into safe mode and uninstall it.

      • Mayank

        how can one use sb settings when one cannot unlock the phone (slide to unlock or gesture unlock) ?

      • Shannon

        You can use SBSettings on the lock screen…

    • Parm

      If you have “sbsettings” installed on your iPhone, just open it and restart your iPhone in “Safe Mood” after that go to Cydia and remove the Styleunlock.
      It’s very simple.
      Viel Gluck!

  • jferrell

    “(I tried all the others just in case)”
    It’s as if it turned off the slider and that’s it.

    • james

      umm you got a passcode? if yes just respring.. then enter passcode

  • Saltb0x

    hey guys… im sorry for the call answer bug… i have fixed it… im releasing an update in an hour… sorry for that

    • Mayank

      How could “THE Dev” of this tweak not even notice such big mistake and released it????

    • Saltb0x

      people like you mayank make every developer feel to move to apple appstore… it was just a mistake… just disable hide slider in settings to fix this….it isnt easy to make tweaks… also i made this tweak free so im not getting anything by making this… so stop hating… i have submitted the update

      • Mayank

        it cannot be fixed by disabling also..
        coz during incoming call the slider does not slide all the way to other end.. Infact it stops half way and come back to original position.
        I hope this is fixed in the update…

      • Mayank

        it still says version 1.0

      • Saltb0x

        refresh it… over 36000 downloads are done for 1.0.1 πŸ˜› so i guess it still cant be on 1.0

      • Mayank

        ya 1.01 is there.. but @ saltbox.. just try your self..
        even though you have disabled the hide slide bar option
        when u get incoming call the slider is not moving till the other end.. that means you cannot answer the call.. plz fix this..

      • Saltb0x

        im not touching any sliders now.. im just adding gesture recognizers to SBAwayView(if you get me)… im 101% it has fixed the problem… i have nothing to do with any sliders now…

  • Austin

    It wont let you answer when you have a incomming call if you have the slider hidden

    • Mayank

      exactly !!!!!!

  • Essence

    Awww, the developer is only 13. I hope you people feel good about bashing a child and his work.

  • Saltb0x

    ok alright… update is live and fixes everything… call answer bug etc….

  • Jacob NΓΈrgaard

    Saltb0x, ignore the haters, they are miserable losers who can’t program their way out of a phonebooth anyway. Jealousy is a horrible thing.

    Keep up your good work.

    • Saltb0x

      thanks man! …. its not just me lol every dev is having this problem πŸ™‚ i really dont care now about haters…

      • Mayank

        it wasnt abt hating or stuff….
        i just told u the problems … in a sarcastic way tats it…
        don take to heart….
        the work was awesome jus some major bugs…
        cheers πŸ™‚

      • Mayank

        the update is really nice..
        the slide bar can be disabled again while answering calls too..
        but again a prob.. slide to switch off is not there……….

  • Sandeep

    Hi, awesome package man, but in this new version 1.0.1 there’s no option to hide the slider?
    Hope this can be fixed πŸ™‚

    • yoyo

      yeahh me too! it’s so much cooler with no slider…

  • Ralph

    What about FIVE FINGERS “pinch out”? Like reversed CLOSE GESTURE on IOS 5?

  • Cman

    I installed while on ios5 and after respring no slider bar and I haven’t set a gesture to unlock. Now I cannot unlock phone… How can I unlock phone to set the gesture?

  • AHHHH!!! :/ It doesn’t work, now I can’t unlock my iPhone!…

  • I just had the same thing happen on my newly jailbroken 4s!!!