Today, we were able to get our hands on an early build of SMSPlus, a jailbreak tweak that significantly enhances the stock messages app.

The big thing about SMSPlus is that it’s not a separate app like biteSMS or others, but it’s tightly integrated into the stock messages app, and made to look as stock as possible.

There’s pull to sort functionality, quick reply, quick compose, text to speech, and a bevy of other things to uncover. Check inside for the full video preview…

I also want to apologize for how jumpy and blurred out the video is at times. I wanted to block out my SMS messages and phone numbers, and that was the only realistic way to do so, yet still showcase most of the features.

SMSPlus will be available soon from Filippo Bigarella for $1.99. What do you think?

  • Mike

    I really like the look of this, i’m all for added functionality to pre existing apps on the iPhone, i’d rather have this than bitesms tbh .. Cool vid, i’d have preferred if you had discussed the item on cydia above the tweak “Pakistani Pride” hahaha wtf

  • @Max_Kas

    This is so cool! I’ve been waiting for a tweak that will ably to the stock app with simple things like quick reply and compose all in one place. Can’t wait for this tweak to hit cydia!

    • @Max_Kas

      apply not ably. Autocorrected into a non-existent word… awesome haha

    • QuarterSwede

      Same here. I like my phone as stock as possible and BiteSMS was … not to my liking. Super stoked for this.

  • Jared

    Oh… I already thought it was in Cydia. Then I deleted bitesms and started looking for it. How’d you get it Jeff??

    Btw, any bugs yet?

  • TheHero

    Does it have the “scheduled sms” option like BiteSMS?

  • This is seriously one of the sickest tweaks from the jailbreak community this year. Wow. Nice walkthrough, Jeff!

    • Aleks

      Will it work with tweaks like mobile notifier, or notified pro w/grip?

  • Shannon

    I don’t want to wait for this. 🙁

  • JJ

    Vid didn’t show, but does the quick reply work in landscape too? I hate having to reply in portrait mode.

  • Looks like a watered down version of BiteSMS to me though its missing one of my favorite features: “later”, which adds a little SMS bubble in your status bar for you to read the message later.

    • MALdito

      I agree, it’s seems to be a watered down BiteSMS. Now if only all the functionalities of BiteSMS could be intergrated into the stock SMS… that would be something worth while!

    • hugo

      it has that

  • I use quick reply for SMS. U dont have to leave the app ur in, and it’s free.

  • Saleh

    Tlert is waaaaay more better for quick reply
    doesnt popup and stop u from playing
    u can type and play same time.. and doesnt take 70% of the screen

  • Andreas

    Want this nooow 😀

  • TimCook

    Please refrain from using apps that are not from App Store. That’s not cool. Just sayin’

    • Shannon

      So he’s not allowed to review apps in Cydia? Why?

    • Mike

      This is a tweak not an app you douche and where on this blog does it say app store reviewer .. I hate when people refer to tweaks as apps all the time, do you know anything !!

  • Craig

    Just add ‘auto retry on fail’ and I’ll give up bitesms. Another solid tweak from Filippo, Apple should just hire him already.

  • Do people know they can use the stock SMS app with BiteSMS?
    Just use the stock app but use quick reply and quick compose from BiteSMS. Am I missing something?

    • Weebsurfer

      I… Uh… Err… Why would they do that? BiteSMS is a slick little interface. And photos on contacts.

      Anywhoo, I was REALLY hoping this (quick reply anywhere) was a function apple would allow developers to add without jailbreaking.

  • Steve

    i really like this. i like tweaks that are integrated into the stock apps. cant wait to get it.

  • BAS

    Please tell me the source! I cannot find it in cydia.

    • Mayank

      its not yet live… youhave to wait….

  • Wonton

    BiteSMS kills battery from my experience. Who agrees?

    • Jacob Nørgaard

      Not me. It makes no difference at all here.

      Battery killers are stuff like Winterboard or stuff that use wlan/3g a lot.

    • Vicky

      I agree 100%
      I had it installed n uninstalled jz to guage the battery drain… n it does drain.. n datz y I aint using it, using quickreply here..

  • Byron Marshall

    Wether you like it or not its a step in the right direction, maybe Apple will take this on board just like they did with Notification Center, has alot of potential.

  • Pieter

    When I see these awesome things I always hope that they will run fine, fast and without bugs.

  • cooolking88

    This is really great app. long waiting is over for one stop solution.

  • zYx

    And what is wrong with the biteSMS app?

  • Mayank

    hey jeff,
    is there any option to hide the content of message for privacy purpose?
    if no then it should surely be added…
    also a delete option should be there inn quick reply so that udont have to open the sms app an then delete ….

    • Taimur

      exactly the same thing which i am interested in knowing 🙂

  • Taimur

    Is there a option to hide the message when u receive a text i dont think so in bitesms u can set the text message content to hide will only display name not the message thats a very cool option.

  • BAS

    Thanx Majank! Then i will test bitesms first.

  • Vicky

    SMSPlus aint live on cydia yet…!!! juz checked.. !

  • bob

    Bite SMS is better,,

    • Mike

      In your opinion, bitesms has alot of options most people really don’t need.

  • ur mother

    i hope it works with lockinfo

  • Li

    So it’s just like tlert but with a different interface um….. Wonder if it’s free or not

    • Your mama

      Lol 1.99

  • Eric

    Soooooo frustrated. Jailbreak this. Jailbreak that. Someone please show me where to and how to jailbreak Verizon iPhone 4.2.10 so I can take advantage of these amazing apps. Please help.

    • Your mama

      Dude just YouTube it or google “how can i …… Its that simple. I figured it out on my own. Im Sure u can to.

    • Dyck Traycee

      From Safari, your iPhone’s browser:

      Click install and presto. It’s that easy.

      You can always revert back to stock iPhone if you change your mind and decide Jailbreaking isn’t for you.

  • this will never make it to ios 5 or be compatible with notifications like mobile notified, notified pro w/grip, etc. because functions like quick reply need that intrusive ios4 notification system. so all i can say is awesome tweak but a little too late((

  • XepptizZ

    Soooooo, is one of the options to add the contact name to the smsbubble?