It’s no secret that the tech world is constantly interested in Apple’s next move. And I’m not just talking about iPhone rumors either; their retail and supply chain plans also fetch the industry’s curiosity.

The latest gossip regarding the Cupertino company and overseas manufacturers suggests that Apple is looking to invest a staggering one billion dollars in Sharp Electronics. Why? For their displays of course…

Amidst Apple’s growing battle with Samsung over product copycatting, the company is obviously in the market for another major manufacturer to pump out touchscreens. And according to analyst David Rubenstein, they might be thinking about Sharp.

“We think it is highly possible that Apple will make an investment in Sharp’s Kameyama plant to the tune of around $1 billion in order to secure stable supply of screens for iPhones and iPads.”

Apple has a history of making large investments in manufacturers to manipulate supply costs. For example, Apple will invest x amount to help build a new plant or purchase new equipment, in exchange for exclusivity on components or pricing.

And since Steve Jobs and company are trying to get away from Samsung, and LG can’t handle their demands, Sharp would seem like a logical 3rd choice.


  • Jimmy

    This is completely off topic but does anybody know if there is a way, maybe a tweak, that stops every message from the same person, showing up in 1 convo ?? It’s fair enough if I receive a message and all subsequent replies appear in that convo but I don’t want every message I receive after that to included in the same convo .. I’d like it to show individual messages much like other phones do or at least used to.

    • why would you want that:
      never heard of one..but i know iBlacklist is a great app to filter messages and phone calls

    • I don’t have that problem with my iPhone.

      I get a lot of text messages from lots of different people using various other phones, and I have not had your problem.

      Maybe it is the way that one person is replying to your text messages, which is “including all” in their text to you??? Does this happen with only 1 person, or with everyone who texts you?

      I’d start there. Good luck!

      – Eric

      • Jimmy

        With every1 mate, it seems that any text i get after the initial 1 just adds into the convo rather than a seperate text.

      • Jimmy –

        You’ve probably already done this a million times…. But sometimes sleeping on it and going back over it one more time, you may find the issue.

        I’m guessing there is some sort of grouping config for your Text messages that you are missing.

        Is your iPhone stock or jailbroken????

        If jailbroken, did this suddenly start happening after a recent update or installation of an App???

        It usually is something stupid and simple that is easily overlooked.

        Best of luck!

    • Jj

      U must be new to iPhone. Thats just how it works now. Get with it.

  • Roberto

    i couldn’t stop laughing when i look at the picture of steve jobs