Now that we’re fairly confident that we’re just a few weeks away from hearing an iPhone announcement, expect the rumors and blurry spy shots to kick into overdrive.

The closer we get, the more likely it is that a factory worker or carrier executive has seen the device. Keeping that in mind, there’s another iPhone 5 spy shot floating around the web…

The image above appears to be the inside of a manufacturing plant, and a lot of folks believe that the batches of smartphone screens you see belong to Apple.

While it’s hard to tell if the display has gotten any larger, the device seems to have the elongated home button we’ve been hearing so much about. The bigger button has been rumored to double as an area for swipes and gestures.

The photo originally surfaced on Weibo, a Chinese equivalent to Twitter. It has since been reposted by sites like 9to5Mac, and MICgadget, who believe the photo could be legit.

My first thought was that there’s no way anyone could get a camera into a place like this, but MICGadget has an interesting theory on how it came about:

“Previously we reported that workers of Wintek were getting poisoned during the production of Apple touchscreens by the N-Hexane cleaners, and there’s a rumor saying that Wintek is using video cameras to monitor their poisoned workers.”

With the hundreds of counterfeit Apple products bouncing around China, there’s a good chance that this isn’t the real deal. But if it was, and that’s a big if, it would seem like the purported  “gesture area/home button” is materializing.

What’s your take on the above photo?

  • Is that real now? or not sure?

  • fojam


    haha smosh ^

  • LT


  • Tarek

    Really, you cannot tell at all. It could be any phone. I don’t say the picture is fake. I just don’t think this is necessarily the iPhone.

  • hmmm… seems fake

  • Mark

    galaxy s?

    • Frankie

      I thought same thing

  • Xverzo

    iphone 5? those look like a biochemical weapon xD


  • control

    i know it is totally off topic but has anyone seen the new state farm insurance commercial the lady has a thinner wider iPhone 4 looking iPhone

  • BoardDWorld

    I’ve already mentioned this to 9to5mac that it’s still just the normal round home button in the center but on each there is a white square sticker placed just off center to the right. The stickers aren’t even placed evenly, this is most evident on the closest display second in on the left. How can people not see this? Blind lust?

    • Adamf711

      I agree wholeheartedly…trying to grasp at straws with these silly assumptions

  • I don’t know whether it is a picture of an iPhone 5 or some other phone but it is sure that iPhone 5 is going o be launch soon. I am waiting for that to hit the market and also to get it in my hands.

  • OCD Steve Jobs

    i think its an android phone. its too long and narrow to be an iphone. but its a large phone. maybe 4.5inch. i doubt its even 4inches. plus, the camera hole is on the opposite side from the iphone, which of course could be possible that apple switched it this year, but apple isn’t so innovative to make changes. so expect the same boring looking front of the iphone.

  • Jason Masters

    It’s a shot from a Chinese commercial about Chinese prosperity.

  • Name

    Home button not centered ??

  • Wavemaker

    Why should the photographer choose this angle? Maybe As an Reference for an image-brouchure? If his Target was to publish this As an evidence He only had to take a step forward and lower the Cam for >45′ downwards. Imo this is a nice fake. – sorry for high/low mess in writing

  • me

    has anyone else noticed that the screen width of these phones is edge to edge? the iphone 5 is reported to feature(or probably feature)edge to edge screen. i know not of any phone on market today or comming to market that has an edge to edge screen
    it wouldnt be unlike apple to release a picture that gets everyone talking and debating if its fake or not. steve jobs has done it before, but i guess we will just have to wait and see