In this week’s episode of Ask Jeff, I tackle a whole host of interesting questions. This episode dwells more on the personal behind-the-scenes side of things, so I hope you folks enjoy.

Questions answered include: My opinions on pirated repos & Installous, the iPhone 5’s 4G LTE potential, and the type of cameras I use for filming our videos.

I believe I’ve hit a record by personally answering 10 different questions from our readers, so tune in to see if your question was among those answered…

What do you think about having a weekly episode? Is it too frequent, too infrequent, or just right? This is really your show; you guys dictate what is asked, so let me know.

Also, don’t forget to ask your question below, there is a good chance that it could be featured in the next episode of Ask Jeff.

  • geoces85

    i have been looking for the answer to a question for a while. i would like to wirelessly sync my jailbroke iphone or ipad to my apple tv, and have it mirror my phone. i want to see everything on my phone or ipad up on my screen wirelessly. i know they are bringing it to iOS 5 but is there anything i can do for now?
    i really hope you can answer this next week. i also enjoy the weekly Episodes. on more reason to stop in at iDB

  • Eric

    When the iPhone 5 comes out I’ll be selling my 4,
    which would be more valuable on eBay, a jailbroken 4.3.2 or a non-jailbroken iOS 5.

    Any way I could get the best of both worlds and jailbreak iOS 5 the day it comes out (not beta)?

  • Alex

    Great work!

  • Edwin

    I need help getting the apple store demo my my iPhone 4 can u do help me thanks.

  • MrA

    Wahooo! My question was in the video 🙂

    Keep these up every week, the frequency is perfect.

    Made me laugh at the “…keeps me on track and Sebastien off my back..”

    iDB fo life!

  • Geoff

    Quick question for you Jeff.
    Why do you post videos that can’t be viewed on the iPhone or iPad ??

    • coach

      I. Watching it on my iPad right now…

    • Fern

      I watch from my iPhone every day

  • WeatherTw3ak


    What is the cydia tweak on your status bar for the weather?

    • Rick

      Weather Icon I believe, please watch the other episodes and you might find other answers

  • SergioJara

    Hey Jeff, will you buy iPhone 5? should I wait for iPhone 6?

  • Choorel

    Anyone know what makes the folders open and close like that? Is it a tweak or a theme?

    • Rick

      Folder Enhancer 🙂

  • Essence

    Great job, Jeff!! You are the reason I must visit this blog website daily.

  • Sunny

    jeff, in your second episode, i noticed that your clock app. the time is moving nd it shows actual time. which app you used? also what app shows weather icon on ur status bar?

    • Rick

      Live Clock and Weather Icon

      • Sunny


  • Great work Jeff! Keep it up! I really like the weekly videos, and even twice a week wouldn’t be pushing it.

  • Money$im

    To ‘WeatherTw3ak’ – The cydia weather tweak on the statusbar is ‘weathericon’

    Hi Jeff. I’m a big fan of jailbreaking and makes sure not to miss a single post on your blog by subscribing several times a day.

    Unfortunately, or at least for me, there are some cons by jailbreaking which I hope you, or any of you guys here at iDB, might be able to help me sort out.

    1) The Youtube app. only allows me to type and search one time.. – after that the keyboard simply won’t show up again unless i relaunch the app. – bloody annoying !

    2) The camera app. won’t let me videorecord – the buttons in the bottom goes gray every time i try to hit record. – I’ll have to use camera+ and then sync my recordings to my cameraroll :S

    • Rick

      I have had a similar issue with the youtube app, but it was because I had iAccess installed and a few times the keyboard wouldn’t show up. I found out that if you have SBRotator installed and use it to rotate and/or roatate back, the keyboard comes back.

      Unfortunately I haven’t had the camera issue, so I can’t help there :\

      • Rick

        also, if you have SBRotator and barrel, sometimes the icons are missed placed when rotating 90 degrees, rotate 90 degrees again and then 180 degrees to keep the icon layout correct

      • Money$im

        Thank you so much ! SBRotator is normally turned of but that’s one very good argument for having it turned on, the keyboard popped right back where it’s suppossed to be, ON the screen.

        be glad that you haven’t had the issue, it’s really a pestilence, and the camera+ app is slow as hell

  • Money$im

    Same to ‘Sunny’, the tweak ‘weathericon’ do the job in both cases

  • Rick

    Jeff, why is there a “Messages” app on your iPod touch? I know you said iOS 5 but still, it doesn’t make much sense for it too be there.

    • Josh

      Actually, it does make sense. The new iOS 5 comes with a new messaging service, iMessage (think BBM), which works for all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

      • Rick

        Ohhhh yah! Lol, I forgot about that!

  • Money$im

    Yeah, I experienced that as well, but fortunately barrel 2 works well with SBRotator4

  • Selcuk

    Will iPhone 5 be factory Unlock?

  • Good questions guys, I can’t wait to tackle some of these.

  • Jeff’s#1Fan

    Jeff, are you going to be developing tweaks and themes. I think I’ve seen you type it or hear you say it before. Just curious.

  • hey jeff
    how do you erase the carrier in status bar?

    • Rick

      he addressed that in another vid, he uses Clean Status I believe

  • Rick

    Jeff, what’s your favorite food? XD

  • Rick

    Jeff, could you explain the difference between rooting an Android and jailbreaking iOS? Besides the fact that one is for Google and the other is for Apple.

  • kendoisonfire

    Jeff, are you able to get achievements from a game that has been downloaded through installous?

    • Clear

      Yes, u can get from gamecenter or anything else

  • Brian

    Is there a way to run a series of evens when an activator event is triggered rather than just one? Scenario: I plug in my phone to the charger and it both silences the ringer and opens my alarm clock app. Or I unplug my phone and it activates the ringer and opens another app of my choice.

  • Charlie

    Keep the episodes coming weekly.

  • Omar


    How much is a toothbrush at the dollar store?

  • Shannon

    This may be kind of a dumb question, but can someone tell me what this purple icon on my status bar means? (next to the weather icon) It’s only there sometimes, and I have no idea what it means.

    • Rick

      Haha XD it’s the location services icon

  • Shannon

    Another question…is it possible to have your phone ring, but have texts/notifications be on vibrate?

  • Matt

    I respect that you don’t use pirated apps. When you go to Cydia and manage purchases . How many have you purchased? And can we see which ones they are? How much is the total of all of them added together? Thank You.

  • Matt

    Him much money have u spent on Cydia Apps? And what are they? Can we see your managed purchased list? Please and Thank You.

  • Harro

    finally, someone else that loves peggle! my mates hate it, crazy!