For the past several hours, multiple reports have been coming in that Apple’s online store is down worldwide. This seems to be a widespread enough issue to mention, and the prolonged downtime suggests that Apple could be updating its online store with a new product.

What makes this downtime session unusual is that it’s taking place on a Wednesday, instead of the typical maintenance time on Tuesday…

Users are experiencing multiple error messages, including the normal “We’ll Be Back Soon” sticky note and browser-specific server error messages.

Some speculate that an upgraded Apple TV with an A5 processor and 1080p video is being added to Apple’s online store, but there’s no hard evidence for any specific product refreshes at this time.

We’ll keep you updated with the status of the Apple online store. In the meantime, comment below and let us know if is working in your area.

UPDATE: It appears that the online store is coming back online in the US and around the world. Let us know if you find anything new!

Thanks for the tip, Jeremy:

  • Chris

    Back in Belgium including the iPhone 5 !!! Kiddin’ – would be nice though 😉

  • Mark

    Is it likely to be the iPhone 5 or iOS 5??

  • Mark

    Is it likely to be the iPhone 5 or iOS 5?? Or at least a release date for either?

  • Ted

    UK store is not down. Took a long time to load tho!

    • Dillon

      it is down


    working in the UK.

  • Dane

    It loaded from my iPhone on my home wifi in NJ. There is a lot of new stuff but I haven’t been on the apple store in about a year so I don’t know if any of it was added today

  • Utahute88

    I still can’t access here in Utah….

  • Sandy

    It’s not up.

  • Jarrod

    Have they converted to store to promote fathers day? Or has that been up before tonight? (Australia)

  • Chris

    still not up in the uk

  • ic0edx

    The world will come to an end if Apples servers shut down. I feel like Apple is like the company on i,Robot

  • Martin

    Still not up ind Denmark…

  • Appie

    It is not up in the Netherlands yet

  • Mark

    Macbook isn;t back yet.

  • david

    i have different startpage on my iMAc safari from Apple now before was always now its with rssfeed´s and all news after the onlinestore is back

  • John

    lololololol, its newsstand probably.