If you’ve been looking for a good panaroma app for your iDevice, you’ve probably seen 360 Panorama. There are a lot of panorama apps on the App Store (free and paid), but 360 Panorama is by far the best.

Today, we have some good news. The 360 Panorama app has gone free. Previously $0.99, the app going free makes the it now available to everyone. 

Panorama apps are really cool, especially when wanting to take a bigger photo of something. The app is universal, meaning that the app can be used on all your iDevices without any upscaling. Get it while it’s free, iOS 5 is going to have a built in Panorama feature.

You can get the app here.

What are your thoughts? Did you download the app?

  • Daniel

    I personally love Pano and the latest recently released version was a fantastic improvement. That being said I will definitely try this free version out now.

  • 360 Panorama is great, but I find that Microsoft Photsynth is even better.

  • +1 For Microsoft, by the way its called Microsoft Photosynth.

    • moob

      I think due to the nature of the way the human brain reads words Photsynth and Photosynth would’ve been read as the same by most folk, as I did until I read your correction 🙂

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        same here, i read it with the ‘o’ hehe

  • i got charged $1.07 for this crap! i just got the email receipt and IT SAID FREE yesterdar! shit sucks

  • mikelite

    yeah, thumbsdown for me too. Doesn’t stitch seams well at all. AutoStitch all the way.

  • ic0edx

    Isn’t iOS 5 going to have bilt in panorama feature?