In a move that is likely to make most of the iDB staff weep for joy, Starbucks and Apple have just started a new promotion. The deal allows Starbucks customers to download a free application as they sip on their beverage of choice.

Starbucks is a long-time Apple partner, and has offered free iTunes downloads in the past. But now it looks like the pair are ready to take the relationship to the next left, with the Starbucks App Pick of the Week

The promotional iTunes cards (seen above) allow customers to download one free app via an iTunes promotional card. The Pick of the Week cards contain a redemption code that allows the holder one free app download.

As 9to5Mac points out, the two companies must be taking this new promotion seriously. The first free title up for grabs is Shazam Encore, a track identifying app that normally sells for $6.00.

The idea is actually pretty clever. If I had the choice between multiple coffee shops, and one was giving away free apps, I’d more than likely end up going there. I expect to see more digital partnerships like this spring up in the coming years.

Marketing wise, is this a smart move? We’re considering a lawsuit, since Starbucks clearly ripped off our own “App Picks of the Week” terminology. (Just kidding.)

  • Irha

    Would they give out these cards when you order something in the store? How does this work exactly?

  • Tarek

    You can order or not. They are in a small card holder at the checkout counter. At least the music ones are. I would assume these would be the same way.

  • ihu

    iDB, time to get your lawyers!

  • numbnuts

    given how Apple think they own every word combination on the planet – App Store, AppStore to name but two, I think you guys at iDB have every right to file a lawsuit for breach of Pick of the Week as it’s quite similar, as Apple would view it, to Picks of the Week 😀

  • Kikaida

    Hmmm… I just went to Starbucks, and they didn’t have any cards. When is this promotion supposed to start?

  • me?

    And I bet you (because you can see it above) that most apps that are given away will mostlikley support more purchases. e.i. part of a series/lots of in-app purchases/add-supported paid apps.

  • Sue

    No one in my starbucks had heard of this – is it only in the US?