We’ve discussed several jailbreak utilities for Safari over the last few years, but Sleipnizer could be its new best friend. The package adds two major features to the option-starved browser.

Sleipnizer borrows its peculiar title and feature-set from a Japanse browser named Sleipnir. It installs into the native Safari application in iOS, and makes surfing the web with the native browser a little bit more fun…

As I just mentioned, the tweak consists of two features that it implements into Mobile Safari. The first one is an easier way to open up links, and the other is a set of 4 gestures that you can map to different browser functions.

The OpenTabBG+ option makes opening up a webpage in a new tab faster than ever. Simply hold your finger down on a link, and it opens in the background. All without interrupting your current browsing.

Sleipnizer’s other feature is a set of 4 gestures, which can be programmed to perform up to 18 actions. Go back a page, forward a page, and open and close tabs — all with on-screen gestures.

There’s something about bouncing around the web with screen swipes that makes browsing a bit more fun than usual, and for that alone you might want to check this out. The cool thing is, RestoreTab purchasers get a discount.

Sleipnizer is available in Cydia for $1.99. Have you tried it out yet?

  • Tried it didn’t like it waste of my money 🙁

  • Massie

    I usually find gestures get in my way—or rather, I invoke them without meaning to. Love the background tabs, but I just use Enhanced Tabs for that. (Free.)

  • Jared

    That was killing your battery !.

  • Craig

    I’m with others, I wouldn’t waste my money on it but that can be said for a lot of tweaks nowadays, it used to be almost every tweak was really good, now there’s like 10 in a week and 9 are rubbish, pointless or already made by some1 else.

  • Wow, I was sure you guys would like this. I like it a lot, it’s very useful to me, and I don’t have to rely on another browser. And Jared, as far as battery life is concerned,it’s not this tweak that’s impacting my battery at all, perhaps something else, but definitely not this.

    • Shannon

      I have to agree with everyone else, I didn’t like it. And I downloaded a pirated version. So definitely not worth $2.

  • Ryan

    Cody, I feel like a noob asking this, but how do you get that little envelope symbol to show up for messages or emails on your status bar?

    • Saleh


    • Shannon


      • Ryan

        Ah gotcha. I’m rockin mobilenotifier.

      • Shannon

        You can have both. OpenNotifier just puts icons in the status bar.

  • Vincent

    Why cant i view your videos from my iphone ??? please fix