Apple expects to be selling quite a few iPhones later this year, according to a new report by DigiTimes.

The site claims that Apple has ramped up its iPhone orders to a staggering 56 million units – 6 million units up on its original order…

Much of that order, 20 million units, are expected to be iPhone 5 units, and they are to be shipped in Q4 2011. The report suggest that Apple has only asked for 5 million units in Q3, which points to a release being late in that quarter.

The iPhone 5 rumor-mill is in full swing these days, with claimed release dates being discounted left and right. With DigiTimes having a somewhat patchy record with such things, we’re not sure how large a pinch of salt to take with this news, but we’re fairly sure at least a pinch is needed.

Which particular rumor do you subscribe to?


  • kokhean

    When it is ready, it will be released. No rumors are 100% accurate.

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      that’s insightful 😉

  • iCharles

    *FINGERS CROSSED* pls release in September. pls release in September. pls release in September. pls release in September.

  • Applemaniak91

    Please september 😀 !!! Only then I’ll be able to buy it:(((. Pleeaasssseee:)

  • Adam

    Yes liek others please release in september 😀 !! this waiting game is getting quite borning now. And hopefully it has a whole new design if not then this wait and anticipation for the new iPhone 5 is worthless and ill end up buying the then cheaper iPhone 4 :/

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    Calm down