The empty lockscreen in iOS makes for an interesting place to deploy jailbreak tweaks. In fact, it seems like we’ve seen an excess of them since Apple unveiled the lockscreen-based camera shortcut in their upcoming iOS 5.

The feature has inspired tweaks like CameraLock and FlashLock, which allow you to access the camera and its flash respectively, without having to unlock the device. Now there’s a utility available that combines both tweaks into one package…

FlashCam is a simple, two-button utility that sits on your iDevice’s lockscreen. Tapping the Flashlight button activates the camera flash, and selecting the Take Photo option will launch the Camera app. Obviously, each feature is subject to your iDevice’s capabilities.

There’s tons of options to customize in the Settings app. You can dock the buttons towards the top of the lockscreen, or keep them at the bottom to support LockInfo. You can also decide which camera app launches, and whether or not the device will re-lock afterwards.

Even though it doesn’t sit in your slider like the other tweaks do, FlashCam is a killer utility. It looks and behaves in a polished way, and it has tons of options to customize. The best part is that it won’t cost you anything. FlashCam is available in Cydia for free.

Have you tried FlashCam? What do you think?

  • Asad

    I have lockinfo and Flashlock installed too
    i installed this tweak and i dont know why its not showing up on my lockscreen

    • I had to disable LockInfo on the lockscreen and set FlashCam to dock to the slider. Then once I saw that it was working, I just re-enabled LockInfo.

      • Asad

        Yep worked
        Thanks 🙂

  • Go to > Settings > FlashCam
    and enable it and disable it and enable it again. Main idea is to toy with those toggles. Worked for me.

  • Your mama

    Lol My girlfriend iPhone 4 don’t have lockinfo and it still won’t show up

  • steve

    shows up fine for me with lockinfo but the flashlight button is dark like its not an option and does nothing when pressed. camera button works fine tho.

  • Not working in ipad2 4.3.3 v,v

  • Diddyo

    I liked the tweak except for the passcode bypass bug, decided to remove it for now.

  • Chris

    is this only for iphone 4 ? no 3gs ?

    • Justin

      Well, 3GS has no flash so I assume that is why it wouldn’t work.

  • Matthew

    The tweak works except for the fact that the flashlight part doesn’t show up as able to press. I have the Camera button that works…I’ve tried to reinstall, respiring, restart, you name it. But the Flashlight button is sort of dull and not active. WTF? Do you have to have a particular app installed or something? Or is there another tweak that you are supposed to have with it?

    • steve

      i had the same issue. emailed the dev and he has an update that fixed this for me.

      • Matthew

        What update? Is he going to release it on Cydia? Can you email me the update? Matthew dot A dot Jones at us dot army dot mil

      • steve

        its on cydia.

  • zYx

    It doesn’t work on mine! iPhone 4 4.3.3…

  • Muntaha

    doesn’t work on my iPhone 4 with iOS 5b5 🙁

    • David

      Well duh iOS 5b5 has it all redy duh muntaha

    • David

      Well duh iOS 5
      has it all redy duh muntaha

    • David

      Well duh iOS 5
      has it all reddy

  • raphael

    Works for me but it doesnt relock when done with the camera, or sometime it relocks but i can unlock without enter a code…

  • iLa

    Works great for me. Had to disable and enable again to make the buttons show up. What I’m wondering about: I can set the camera button to link to Instagram, Cam+ and ProCamera!
    Those are definitely the best photo apps out there, but I still have others installed and now I’m curious why only those three show up.
    Any ideas?

    • steve

      the dev didn’t write any other camera apps into the tweak. the ones you see are all you can chose at this time.

    • steve

      the dev did not write any other camera apps into the tweak. the ones you see are all you can chose at this time.

  • A really useful tweak. Works fine on my iPhone!! 🙂

  • Circuit

    Not Locking after Camera use. Hopefully they’ll resolve this issue as it seems to be a random issue.

    iPhone 4 iOS 4.3.2

  • Tim Koepp

    kinda cute but very buggy, had to enable and disable and enable to get it to show up. It looked my device several times. Take a photo didn’t work for me at all. I removed it, basically garbage. my ios was 4.1