Have you ever found yourself opening your iPhone’s apps by accident? Perhaps you’re navigating from page to page, and you finger slips, launching an app that you had no intention of opening?

If that scenario sounds all too familiar, then DoubleTapToOpen may be just what you need.

DoubleTapToOpen is a recently added tweak to Cydia’s BigBoss repo, that requires you to double tap an app icon before it will launch. Personally, I find this tweak to be a bit over-the-top, but check inside and judge for yourselves…

DoubleTapToOpen certainly lives up to its name, and will without a doubt prevent you from accidentally launching apps, but it’s the equivalent of killing an ant with a sledgehammer. It’s just too over the top for day-to-day use in my opinion.

I rolled with this tweak for about two days before I had to remove it out of frustration. It’s engrained in our heads that a single tap launches an app, so you will have to retrain your mind and fingers in order to get used to this tweak. I, of course, never did.

Still, if launching apps by accident is a problem that continuously plagues your iOS experience, it’s something to consider. Again, you will need a jailbroken iPhone to try it out, and it is free on Cydia.

What do you think?

  • Josh

    It would be better if you can customize which apps you want to open with double tap such as messages. That way only you know how to open them without actually locking the app

  • vivec

    I like this tweak but there’s a problem. Apps assigned to lockscreen with activator does not work.

  • Azerjaban

    This looks really good

  • William

    When it comes to UX, I prefer simplicity over anything else. I’m much rather single-click to unintentionally open an app once in a while than having to double-click to launch an app every time.

  • Azerjaban

    Have it now. Takes a while to get used to but it’s better than always accidentally opening an app, mostly got it for my iPhone retarded friends- give them my phone to make a call, they open another app and it’s “Omg what happened! What do I do?”..idiots

  • vijer

    I have to wait for an internet connection for my phone then I will try it, but I think it will be better than single click. I have tried single click on Windows and I hate it. With the iPhone I always slip my phone in my pocket unlocked only to find it launched an app.