This post could have been titled “How to lose your job at Nokia in just one advertisement,” and that’s probably what will happen to one, or several, Nokia employees that definitely have no attention for detail.

This ad was spotted in an Australian mall. As you can tell, the woman in this picture is actually using an iPhone 4…

How did that happen? Well, the dumb graphic designer who made this just used an image from, and didn’t even notice that the woman was using an iPhone. He slapped this image in the ad, and it was sent to print.


  • Mauricio


    • Geek

      Ummm that’s a 3Gs not a iPhone 4 tards… IT DOESN’T HAVE A SILVER BEZEL

      • AdAmZz005

        dude its white ! there is no white 3gs

      • of course there is a white 3gs

      • Skeptical

        Guys, it’s an iPhone 4 in a case. Gawd.

      • ihu

        its an iPhone 4 in case. It is not white, it just has, like all iPhone 4s, a silver bottom.

      • csn_zm

        Duh! My 3GS is white! That’s definitely a 3gs!

      • Really, Guys?

        It is an iPhone 4. I don’t own one, but the first thing I noticed after it was released other than the front-facing camera was the FLAT BOTTOM. Really, guys, be more observant. Also, settle down it is not even a big deal anyway

  • n64billy

    No wonder Nokia phones are such bricks and never break…. Their employees brains are made of the same thing!

    Gotta love Australian advertisment [/sarcasm]

    • Where does the sarcasm start? I don’t see no [sarcasm].

  • Brian

    It looks more like a white 3G[S] for me, notice how the bottom is white and the front panel is black.

    • Justin

      It’s been so long, and I’m probably wrong, but I don’t remember my older iPhone having screws on the bottom.

      The ad is still pretty funny. I’ll probably start looking closer at ads.

      • Brian

        It does has screws, google it.

  • Zara

    Guys, this is an iPhone 4 in a case, not some kind of black and white 3GS 😉

    • Brian

      In case you didn’t knew, the 3GS whas black (front) and white (back)

      • Brian


      • ihu

        actually, there was a black version too stupid

      • Brian

        I know there was a black version too, but we are referring here to the white one, so I described the white one.

  • Burge

    Could be the new iPhone 5…lol..

  • Mike

    If you don’t have a Nokia, well, you have an iPhone.

    • Isaac

      +1 hahahaha

    • Vitica7

      Good one!

    • Caesar

      +1 LOL

  • kokhean

    This is definitely an iPhone 3G/3GS.

  • kokhean

    This is definitely an iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS.

    • Thomas

      It has the flat and edgy look that the iPhone 4 has, and its the aluminum edge as well. I think its plain that its a iPhone 4.


  • Fabio Rodrigues

    iphone 4 bezel is not white, its metallic, I think this one is the 3g/3gs.

  • Diyab

    Who gives a darn if its a 3Gs or i4! As long as its an iPhone used by Nokia :]

  • You’ll have getty on your ass for using that image without a licence…… 😉

  • You Guys are all GEEEEEEKS!!!

    Didn’t you even notice how HOT the Chick is?????

    Forget about the iPhone being 3G or 4 – who the heck cares!

    ESPECIALLY when she’s got nice hooters! 🙂

    – Eric

    • Slut.

      • Glad to be of service….. LOL 🙂

    • sk@tta

      Where are the nice Hooters? hissteeth.. Come to Jamaica if u want to see nice Hooters on chicks.

      Anyways we cant see the back or the front of the phone because its an iPhone 4 in a case.

  • shinpc

    Sorry to disapoint, it’s an iPhone 3Gs, the picture is taken from iStockphoto I took it. Where is it being used by Nokia? I want my share

    • Thomas

      Dude, its an iPhone 4.

  • MILE

    Since the picture was found in some mall I actually doubt that it’s been “officially” used by Nokia anyway — it’s probably just some poster in front of a local electronics shop that the owner had made to put up at the entrance or whatever…

  • Ja

    I agree girl is hot. And the bottom line is WHO GIVES A SHIT.

  • ElNad

    This is a white iPhone 3G(S) in a case. I’ve got one right next to me and that’s exactly the same bottom. The white iPhone 4 have a metal bezel (the bottom is white in the picture, not metallic, maybe buy a better monitor). Kind of sad that an iPhone expert like you don’t know the difference between an iPhone 4 and a 3GS.

  • david

    oh shit they f@#ked up tipcle

  • Jade

    As Diyab say’s above:
    “Who gives a darn if its a 3Gs or i4! As long as its an iPhone used by Nokia”

    Reading how almost 100% of your responses are about what model iPhone it is and not even mentioning the point of the article is really a bit disappointing. Not that it’s all very deep or anything, and I know were all Apple enthusiasts but really…

  • Henke

    It’s an iPhone 4 in a black rubber case. PERIOD. If the edge bezel looks white to you, then your screen is badly calibrated or you have wierd eyesight, cause its metallic. And the phone is not soap shaped like an 3gs but rather brick shaped like an iPhone 4.

    • Acolz


  • blabbermouth

    yh wat he/she said???

  • Paddy

    face palm

  • Paddy

    updated to implied facepalm;

  • walden

    isso ai e fake!!!!!

  • Guys, this is an iPhone 3GS! Seriously! Visit iStockphoto and you are able to see, that the date of this photo takes place BEFORE the release of the iPhone 4! So if the photographer did not recieve an iPhone 4 from Steve Jobs, this ONLY can be an iPhone 3GS!

  • ro

    It’s an iPhone5 hidden inside an iPhone4 case, duh!

  • Anon

    It’s not an iPhone. Look at the charger slot size, it’s soooo long!

  • This is an iPhone 3GS. Trust me.

  • Mo Fa

    It has 2 speakers on the bottom which means its an iphone 4

    • Matthias

      Every iPhone since the original has had 2 speakers on the bottom. It’s an iPhone 3G(S), I got an iPhone 4 right here and the speaker-holes are much longer on the iPhone 4 than on the picture.
      Plus, that thing is obviously white and not aluminum.

  • John

    It’s not an iPhone it’s a toaster, jeez.

  • edz

    guys it iphone4, the battery slot looks wider because of the view, it tried it with mine.
    whatever the race… there are really some stupid guys. huh.
    I Love both Nokia and Iphone4 they both have their own pros and cons.

  • edz

    yah as i check the web with 3gs i think its really not the iphone 4 because of the speaker it smaller….Its 3g/3gs<<<<<<let go back to the article….. huh

  • Brian

    Ok, here is the original stock photo, it was from February 15 of 2010:

    So yes, it’s a 3GS.

  • Ricardo

    It’s an iPod touch!!!!

  • The Man.

    ‘He slapped this image in the ad, and it was sent to print.’

    Of course it could be a she! Let’s not be sexist.

  • it’s a white iPhone 3GS, no doubt

  • Hodh

    Thx Brian for the link. Now we can stop arguing about the phone model and focus on the article. It’s weird that thing as obviously as this can have different answers. It’s just a plain simple photo and people are able to make wrong judgement. Not to mention others things , e.g politicis , u know nothing about it and u can talk craps for hours…