Nokia is in an interesting position right now. Just a few short years ago they found themselves as nearly untouchable at the top of the wireless industry. But the Finnish company has struggled to keep up with new competition from Apple and Android handset-makers.

Bleeding smartphone sales, CEO Stephen Elop and company were forced to make a drastic decision. After several years of development, Nokia announced earlier this year that it would be dropping Symbian OS in favor of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7.

Given the fragile state of the company, it was surprising to hear Nokia’s U.S. President Chris Weber slamming his opponents…

In a recent interview with Venture Beat, Weber told the publication that iOS and Android were — get this — “doing it wrong.” He expressed that he felt that their focus on applications was “outdated.”

Here’s a snippet from the interview:

“While Apple’s iPhone, and its underlying iOS operating system, set the standard for a modern user interface with “pinch and zoom,” Weber conceded, it also forces people to download multiple applications which they then have to navigate between. There’s a lot of touching involved as you press icons or buttons to activate application features.”

Nokia, on the other hand, will offer a more seamless interface with Windows Phone 7. Its “live tiles and hubs” approach integrates applications like Facebook, Twitter and LinkIn into everything you do without the need to open 3rd party software.

The U.S. executive also expressed his excitement with Microsoft’s upcoming Mango update. The firmware will introduce 200 new features to Windows Mobile Phone users, including a voice recognition system that he believes will top offerings from both Android and Apple.

Weber sounds pretty confident, considering Nokia may not even release a Windows Phone handset Stateside until 2012. On top of that, there are several other manufacturers producing hardware sporting Microsoft’s mobile OS, how do they plan to set themselves apart?

Do you think Apple needs to rethink its “app focus?” Or is this Nokia executive blowing smoke?


  • Sid Panjwani

    The 1st paragraph is the same one as in another page

  • Brent

    Windows Phone 7 has promise, no doubt. I like iOS better right now and iOS 5 improves on that, but I did like what I saw from my buddy’s WP7 phone. The seamless integration it offers is slick.

    I’d buy HTC hardware sporting WP7 and likely Samsung hardware before Nokia. The mighty have fallen. They might get some young ladies interested with their pink, yellow, and baby blue variations, but this company will continue to have minimal market share, certainly in the US.

    • Geek

      Windows OS7 blows!!! Can’t copy and paste… Can’t do nothing a iPhone can.. Nokia and all then are idiots… Remember.. Windows begged jailbreakers to break them cause they suck…

    • jayrock

      That’s what the deal with the big Mango update is supposed to do. Add features that other OSs which have been around longer have. Cut and paste, and much better functionality, features. Looks like theyre fixing a whole lot of things people have been asking for.

      I love the UI of W7 and its far better than Android (especially crappy Android) or iPhone but it was missing key features and the big Mango update resolves a lot of it.

      I have an EVO phone with Android, so I’m not a W7 phones user…ugh, I can’t wait until iPhone 5 gets released, no more crappy Android for me. I just really like the W7 UI. It has a lot going for it and more potential than any of the other UI for smartphones.

  • Chris

    It’s hard to believe Nokia can actually have such hubris while at the same time struggling to remain even remotely relevant. #HeadInTheSand

  • leon

    i doubt his words, considering i hardly, rarely see any person using windows phone currently in the market. even phone manufacturers still release their phones mostly on androids.

  • Karma32

    I love my iPhone and iPad, but after messing around with my brothers Samsung Windows 7 phone, and checking out the upcoming mango update, Windows 7 has a much better OS and UI. I love how everything is in one place and a lot of the integrated things in it. It’s a lot modern than iOS and a lot more fun than using that generic and boring Android OS on phones.

    Too bad Microsoft has a lot of work to do to catch up to the popularity of Apple and Google devices. Even though it was very easy to switch to the iPhone 4 from an Android device, I would find it hard to switch away from the iPhone due to it having much better apps and especially games than from the android and windows camp…and now I bought to much and would be too expensive to switch over.

    But good luck to Microsoft, they deserve much more credit and popularity for their new Windows 7 mobile OS

    • Cameron


  • Michael hernandy

    Nokias just jealous that apples better…

  • Wayne

    Sorry, apps are what bring people to a platform. Windows Phone 7, while a nice OS, has such shitty apps that I couldn’t use it for more than two months. There is no Things, Omnifocus, Twitterrific or any other quality Twitter apps, not even one good calendar or GTD app, only one good RSS app…

    Focusing on what sells, or helps to sell, a platform is how you do it. You don’t launch an OS on sub par hardware and focus on how great the OS is without the hardware or the apps to follow suit with.

    • Hawk

      I couldn’t agree more.
      Also, Nokia got too comfortable with their “top-spot” and didn’t see the touch revolution coming till it was already in the market. And it’s apparent that the old school style of thinking is what has buried them further and further into the hole.
      With WP7, they have a chance to take back some of the market share, but they are so far behind, it’s going to be a huge struggle.
      The comments about apps “being the wrong way to go”, shows that they still haven’t opened their eyes to the big picture, and might never do so.
      I think they’re comparing the new app markets to the old symbian markets of years long gone. It’s not the same. Apps are what keep a customer to a brand, and with iOS and Android also on tablets that can use the same apps, it further cements customer loyalty.
      WP7 sounds like it will be a strong OS, but if they don’t have the flexibility of 3rd party apps.. well, we all remember the Kin, right? Because that is what it will amount to with no opportunity to install apps.
      Nokia really need some fresh blood that is actually aware of the current market trends, and let the old guys with their heads buried up their butts retire quietly.

  • ihu

    WP7 has a nice UI but looks too ugly.

  • James

    Apple phones look the best, Android phones have the best UI and there is nothing about windows phones I actually like, those square tiles just look shit as for Symbian, the less said the better I think, the hardware by Nokia is really good as they always have been strong in that department but OS wise they are awful.

    As an unbiased Apple user and in no way a fan boy, I would buy an Android handset if they were designed as well as Apple handsets, they are all plastic bricks but I, like many others, am fed up of having to jailbreak my phone and install loads of things just to get it to do what I want but saying that I won’t be switching until aesthetics is as high on other manufactures list as it is Apple’s.

  • What a crock of “S#!T”……

    Windows mobile sucks! I will never trust another Windows Mobile.

    They lock up, they are slow, they just suck!

    Besides – NOKIA sucks too…. Suck + Suck = SUCKS!!!!

    If was forced at gunpoint to buy a Win 7 mobile – it would be either a Samsung or HTC, and NEVER a piece-o-crap NOKIA.

    – Eric