Facebook Messenger was not the only Facebook iPhone app released this week, with it came the MyPad for Facebook app.

MyPad was released for the iPad over a year ago and has been a huge success ever since, with reports claiming it has been installed on over 5 million iPads, with over 2 million active users a week. One of the main reasons for its success is it’s both unique and beautiful user interface.

With MyPad’s migration to the iPhone, do users finally have an above average Facebook app? Unfortunately, the answer is still no…

MyPad’s main flaw is that it’s landscape-only. This is very annoying, as Facebook is the most opened app on a lot of iPhones and having to switch orientation every time you open it is a no-go.

The best features of MyPad are the user interface. The way photos are viewed look great and the use of multiple accounts works well. In terms of speed, it is on-par with the official app.

There are still a lot of bugs that need to be ironed out, but if changes are made, this could be a real replacement to the official Facebook for iPhone app. But for now, it’s simply a way to test the beautiful user interface.

You can download MyPad for Facebook for free in the App Store. Have you tried it yet? If so, what’s your take on it?

  • sam

    finally an app which can take over the bug ridden facebook app

  • Burge

    it don’t work on iOS5b5 yet ….oh well..

  • Justin

    Meh…just Okay.

  • Matt C

    Beejive FB just had another update. Its come a long way. Just needs faster load times and be a tad bit more user friendly and it would be a major contender

  • Tarek

    Nah…tried the iPad version of this and promptly removed it. Even though parts of the interface were Twitter-like and interesting to use, the overall experience fell short for me. I use facebook on safari on the iPad and the facebook app on the iPhone.