Apple Stores have been the source of a few strange stories over the past couple of weeks. First, there was the case of the fake retail locations that starting turning up in China recently.

Then, there was Mark Malkoff, who got away with bringing a live goat into an Apple Store. Now stop me if you’ve heard this next one. A guy walks into an Apple Store with an automatic assault rifle and…

We’re actually not really sure how this one ends. Gizmodo just posted this crazy snapshot of what appears to be a man in a dark-colored hoody with a SIG SG 550 assault rifle strapped to his back, and they’re not really sure of the circumstances.

The image obviously brings the question to mind, “What’s he doing with such an unusually large firearm?” While answers could range from “He’s an active military-member,” to “It’s just a prank or viral marketing stunt.” We’re going to go with “He’s an upset iPhone user waiting to see a Genius.”

Apple Stores are certainly known for their high level of tolerance for its customers and their behavior, but this might be crossing the line. I’m not sure what’s more disturbing. The guy toting the gun, or the fact that no one else seems bothered by it.

What do you think? Can you think of a good caption for this photo?

  • David Ashman

    My guess it’s from someplace where seeing people with weapons like that on the street is not unusual, like Israel.

    • Yboy403

      If that was the case, he’d be wearing a uniform. Israelis don’t just walk around with guns. In fact, they don’t have to, because there are always a dozen soldiers on leave walking around with machine guns. I know, I’ve been there.

      • rf9

        Former militarty (that’s almost everyone in Isreal) sometimes chaparone civilians (like a kids school field trip) in their street clothes. Also he could be private security in plain clothes or off the clock. It happens.

    • Jon Garrett

      Its an Airsoft Riffle, cant you people see the hop up chamber ? jeeezus you people are so damn naive.

  • Wayne

    Could be an Apple Store in the UK. He wants some “protection”.

  • Chai


    • I thought Apple was coming out that that next Spring 2012???….

      How did he get an iGun so early?

      – Eric

  • Kev

    Say hello to my little friend!!!

    It’s on iOS 4.2.1…

  • sk@tta

    How come u guys dont blog about when rain fall touches the apple store?

    • For the opposite reason that you took the time to leave your comment: we don’t like to waste time.

      • 2DallaHo

        So commenting on this blog is a waste of time; got it 🙂

      • Jools

        Oh Alex, always so hostile to the readers. Good comment or bad, a reader shouldn’t be treated that way, son.

      • No, I think what Alex is saying is that posting uninteresting comments is a waste of time.

  • Night

    Yes I jailbreak so what?!

  • Burge

    No one will push in front of him at the till …

  • Thinking about it, I bet he won’t have any problems with:

    1) Waiting in line….. (no, Sir, please you go first…)
    2) Getting very friendly service….. (would you also like a Latte with that?)
    3) Paying with a 2nd party, out of State Check…..

    – Eric

  • ihu

    Caption “Man gets out of Apple Store alive and well with SIG SG 550 in hand”.

  • Tarek

    I would say with the casual clothing he is wearing and the nonchalant attitude of everyone around him, that the gun was probably photo-shopped in.

    Caption: How do I upgrade the iOS on my gun

    or: Why does my Wolfenstien (or Doom) game keep freezing on my iPhone?

    • Ahhh you spoiled it…. Who thinks of these things!

      • Cameron

        You forgot to say – Eric 😀

  • autorun

    If u look at the pic carefully… the Man is HEADLESS! haha

    • anthonyappleguy

      Actually I see the head hinged forward under the hood like he’s bending forward.

  • Mindmaster

    It’s in Switzerland and it’s something you can see daily there…
    More Info:

  • max

    In the back u can see a guy with shades on. U CANT EVEN SEE A COMPUTER SCREEN WITH SHADES ON IT IS ALL BLACK

  • This is from Switzerland – where I live myself. We have to go to the shooting range once a year – as long as we have to go to the military. On the way you can of course visit other locations – like for example an apple store.

  • Crazyglues

    LoL… well the first thing you don’t want to do is get him upset… LoL…

  • Cameron

    This is fake because:
    1: You can’t see a strap for the gun on the guy.
    2: The guy with the shades on in the background don’t have a reflection in his glasses.
    3: The Mac to the far right’s Apple logo is positioned wrong!

    • 🙂 well do your observations again:

      1) I own the same gun. The straps are held on the other side of the gun. If it’s tight enough you can’t see the straps.
      2) Why should somebody edit the guy’s sunglasses if the faker just wants to position the gun in the picture?
      3) It’s not a mac! If you would look closely you can see that it’s actually a Sony vaio logo – and this guy just put a Apple sticker on his laptop…

    • iCrapped

      I totally agree

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    “iGun” huahua very funny 😀

    but, this picture is very disturbing, I hope this is just a photoshop work…
    otherwise I must the video games and movies that we saw are becoming
    very true, next step is just wait for aliens or zombies to walk on the street and we would guess it normal at the time… by the way I heard that the British Gov release a manual “how to act in case of a zombie outbreak” do you believe in that??

    • Cameron

      The British Guv should be writing about how to kill you because your an annoying liitle bitch!

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        Hey Cameron, dont be mad at me, I wanst the one who wrote the artilcle, I am annoying? look at you, you’re are insulting me, if you have that gun (if that was a real gun)walking in the street you probably could fire at anyone who opose to look at you, you don’t deserve my time, TCHAU!

    • Sylvester Jakubowski

      What exactly is disturbing about the picture?

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        I think is disturbing because is not common to walk in a place like and that scene, you can see a lot of kids playing around the apple stores, it is not a gun that any police man wear in the street, but is not normal, but in the end, I think it is photo shop

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        when I say that is not normal, I mean it is not normal here and in the places where I’ve been, if it is normal in Switzerland, then there’s no point to argue, if is normal is normal

  • Shanti

    This man has seen Office Space 17 times…

  • ByteNapple

    Cameron is correct. It is a fake. All it takes is some keen observation. Look closely like those find what’s missing games you used to find in the newspaper. Blow up the picture and zoom in if you need to. It is not real.

    • moi

      hes from Switzerland – you’re a retard for not doing some research beforehand.

      Also to all of these simple-minded, 1-dimensional thinkers out there: realize that an armed populace is NOT a bad thing

      • Cameron

        Look if you

      • Cameron

        Look if you want to believe that the Apple Staff are OK with a man with a gun in the shop then fine.

  • Chris

    It wAs obvo photoshopped,theres no straps

  • cesar

    Photoshop! Lol

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    He needed some protectiOn for the beating he’s gonna get when he shows them his jailbroken iPhone.

  • Sylvester Jakubowski

    It’s a REAL SG550, what is he is doing is LEGAL and NORMAL in Switzerland.

  • opsonid

    I’m from Switzerland too, and I see this very often. Nothing special for the Swiss customers in the Apple store.

  • That’s normal in Switzerland! I live here and I did army service myself. You can legally carry your rifle on your way from and to the military base and from and to the shooting range. I can take my rifle with me shopping, jogging or whatever I’d like to do. That’s legal here and there’s nothing wrong with it!

    Besides, the bolt is not inserted into the rifle in this picture (military regulations, that’s the correct way to transport your rifle)

    So calm down and enjoy your day. There’s nothing fake about that…
    Take a look at the picture in the right bottom column. That’s normal here 🙂

  • MaveStick

    this is just part 4 of the whole story,

    part1 was the guys warrentyless iphone got burnt buy a charger ,

    part 2 was he was given an expensive replacement alternative over the phone ,

    part 3 was he now wanted to avoid expensive replacement alternative given to him on the phone by applecare , so he thought of visiting them like this and restate his case…,

    Apple has got richer than United states but its heart and service is smaller than a toad. Now all of the unlucky guys who have had sour Applez taste do not have guns ,else we may see more of them in Apple Store …… Pity Sour Apple. it is great he didn’t have a launcher with him.

  • Eliseo Jacobo

    Just a normal day in Switzerland.