With the rumored iPhone 5 launch nearing, as expected, there’s quite a few rumors floating around. These rumors include anything from a major to minor hardware overhaul, improved camera, larger screen size, storage capacities, and much more.

The folks over at Nowhereelse.fr have created a video outlining all of the rumors that have been floating around, and the video provide an estimated percentage of the likelihood those rumors will come true…

Personally, I sometimes find infographics a bit confusing. So if you’re like me, watch the iPhone 5 rumor roundup video below to make sense of it all.

What are some features you think are a must for the next generation iPhone? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


  • Jeff

    Booooooooring. I am most happy about the iPhone5 getting released because that means I won’t have to read 3 posts about iPhone5 rumors every day on this website….

    • T

      No now you will just read 3 post daily on how the iPhone 5 is different from the iPhone 4

    • lewisbey

      This is an Iphone site. What would you prefer they talk about?

      Personally, I love the content they put on IDB. You get a nice mix of articles about devices, firmwares, jailbreaks and tweaks. What more can you ask for?

      Read it every day!

      • ic0edx

        “What more can you ask for?” Some naked chicks with iPhones.

  • ic0edx

    WOW!!! that was annoying. Why is everyone so exited for this NFC technology. Why would anyone want to put their credit card information in a phone, your just asking for identity theft. If your iPhone is Jailbreakebel then a Dev (Hacker) can steal your information. Keep it the old fashion way use your plastic, evan better use cash.

  • icOdex: i guess we are not living in a world where our identity are kept. alot of our information is available to some many unauthorized people. so i guess, they can’t care about it anymore. and for credit cards, there is always chargeback which can affect sellers but not buyers. 🙁

  • Jessica

    Im getting one even if i have to kill some haters for it!
    Apple idevices are about to rape the competition!

  • ByteNapple

    That picture of an aluminum iPhone 5 looks amazing! That would clearly be the best choice for Apple as long as the aluminum didn’t interfere with the reception.

  • its really Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I wanna stop talking about it, and buy one already!!

  • zikky

    well seems to be all goss, think apple will come up with 4GS instead.hell yea

  • kokhean

    How can HDMI be less than 100%? There’s already ‘support’ for the iPod touch and iPhone 4 via jailbreak tweaks. It doesn’t make sense if they leave out the next generation iPhones. They’ll most probably enable HDMI mirroring in some future update

  • pope

    what do you think of this?

  • mathlon


    • Ernesto

      Have you not seen the web addres on that video. It clearly has his desktop address.

  • ian

    please your all so excited bout the iPhone 5 ha, iPhone 6 baby!

  • max

    Ii agree with all of it except for release date! AUGUST

    • ihu

      September 14th or before if iOS 5 beta 5 is the last beta.

  • sofakingstoked

    It’s funny how Apple is so (and always has been) far behind Android devices with technology like having a camera flash, no adobe flash, no native tethering, no native HDMI support, no voice to text, etc, but I still love my iphone way better than all the Android devices I tried. I’ve tried the Evo, HD2 on Android, the HTC Sensation, and a few Galaxy S phones, and I always come back to my iDevice. Android just still feels incomplete and cheap. Goes to show it’s all about the quality!

  • wanna stop talking and buy one already!!