TiPB passes on a report from Forbes that Verizon is rolling out a system to prevent jailbreak utilities like MyWi from working on its network. And according to the article, the free-tethering ban starts today.

This information correlates with previous reports that Big Red had started blocking rooted (same thing as jailbroken) Android users from tethering their devices, but we weren’t sure when the ‘official ban on unofficial tethering’ would start…

Apparently, it just did. Forbes is claiming that, as of today, anyone who tries to use a jailbroken tethering app on the Verizon network will be force-redirected to Verizon’s Hotspot landing page.

Customers who want to tether properly must select a data plan that includes the feature. On Verizon, that means forking over an extra $20 a month for 2GB of tethering.

If you have an unlimited data plan and have somehow managed to avoid Verizon’s MyWi block, we’d still recommend shutting down the app. Like AT&T, Verizon is rumored to be forcing users off of their unlimited plans if they are caught illegally tethering.

What do you think? Is MyWi blocked for you 0n Verizon?

  • I anticipate there willbe updates to MyWi or some other workaround. Internet is Internet. We’ll figure it out. 🙂

    • soccerkrzy

      MyWi still hasn’t fixed itself from AT&T, I don’t think they will.

      All you can say is fuck AT&T and fuck Verizon while they’re the ones raping us.

  • Geek

    I want to know is how the know?

  • Geek

    I want to know is how they know?

  • Jared

    Lies. I am tethering right now via MyWi on my Verizon iPhone. Already transferred 600mb of data so far today too. Never received a single notice about it either. I think it’s just AT&T and Verizon spreading these lies to scare people.

  • Jared floyd

    What about people with unlimited data plans?!? I’m gonna use what I’m paying for

    • Geek

      Preach it

    • Ivan

      I have att wit unlimited data plan and i ised mywi and they figured out i was using it n were gonna limit me to 2 gb a month plus 2 gb of tetheri g for
      An extra of 10 per gb its sucks ass dont twther

    • urlow

      you are paying for unlimited access via your phone, not computer.

  • MrA

    I don’t see how they can get away from this when congress made the decision that jailbreak/3rd party apps are not illegal!

    • David

      I’m sure it was just jailbreaking that was made legal, actual apps like installous are illegal for obvious reasons so MyWi could also be considered illegal. Though I am not from the US and also don’t use MyWi.

      • MrA

        You’re probably right.


  • Reality

    I just tried mine and it worked just fine..
    The only thing I see that has changed is that they removed the “Personal Hotspot” field from the setting screen..

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    I use MyWi quite a bit. I go through at least 15 gb a month ( not all on MyWi) on an unlimited plan. About three months ago I received their first warning. I then switched to pdanet on level 2 hidden usage. 1 month after the first warning I received the second and didn’t use it any tethering at all for about another month. I couldn’t stay away so I used MyWi again and received their third warning stating that they were going to switch my data plan to 2 gb a month. I called their support line and asked what was going on, and they said they didn’t send me any warnings and didn’t know who did. The only thing o have noticed though is that they’ve slowed down my speed.

  • {AW}ResidentEvil

    So we can pay for Internet at home and share it with the world! No problem!! I share my extended “N” wireless router with like 6 neighbors and att doesn’t give a shit! But when I share my iPhone Internet using mywi for simply 1 ipad2. There going to charge me more! What gives?????


  • Geek

    I’ve used mywi and never got that notice… I had the unlimited but did the tethering package.. I don’t use that much data just use wifi.. But mywi is the shit for 3G 3Gs iPhones… ATT 

  • Geek

    I’ve used mywi and never got that notice… I had the unlimited but did the tethering package.. I don’t use that much data just use wifi.. But mywi is the shit for 3G 3Gs iPhones… ATT

  • James

    Switch to pdanet. I did and I have been worry free. It also has a hide button that hides the tethering so your provider sees just regular data usage. I loved mywi but if they aren’t going to update to protect their customers well you might consider a switch.

  • bob

    lol i tether to ipad sometimes never got a warning

  • Amelia

    i thought the fcc decided it was illegal for Verizon to charge extra for tethering your laptop to your phone?!!! What happened to that… internet is internet, I already pay for it on my iphone4!