Rarely do I find myself getting overly excited about something as mundane as a phone accessory, a case no less.

The thing is, this isn’t just any accessory, it’s the accessory. In fact, it might just be my favorite iPhone accessory of all time. It’s elegant, it’s functional, and it lends peace of mind and simplicity to a life that can seem overly complicated at times.

In my opinion, the hallmark of a great product isn’t merely based on its technical merit, its precision, or its beauty. It’s a combination of all of those; but most importantly, a great product is one that you don’t have to think about, it’s just there for you when you need it to be.

That’s what makes the Twelve South BookBook case so good. It’s extremely practical and functional. It has that old school organic class that’s so hard to come by in the silicon world that we’ve found ourselves forced into. Dare I say it’s the James Dean of iPhone accessories; strikingly handsome, a bit gritty, with Oscar winning capabilities. Check out our full video review after the break…

As you can tell, the BookBook case has found favor in my eyes. I love the fact that I can have all of my important items together: my license, debit cards, credit card, cash and phone, all in one place. No more having to juggle multiple items, I know it’s all here.

The case feels perfect in your hands. It really does feel like you’re reading a book of sonnets, but instead, of course, you’re catching up on your latest RSS feeds.

The BookBook case is a surefire head turner, a definite conversation starter, it’s a hit around my neck of the woods.

If there’s one gripe to make about this case, it’s the obvious: There’s no hole for the rear facing camera. Understandably, that might be a deal breaker for those of you who snap a lot of spontaneous photos.

Even those of you who are always removing their iPhone from the case might find that the BookBook poses a problem in that area. Sure, it’s made of high quality leather, and the stitching seems strong, but it can only hold up for so long until the leather and the surrounding begins to weaken from the constant insertion and removal of the iPhone. So far so good on this end, but when you consider as many videos as I take, it seems inevitable.

Those few gripes aside, the BookBook is the perfect iPhone 4 case. It’s quite steep in price at $59.99, but again it is high quality genuine handmade leather. Trust me when I tell you you’re getting your money’s worth. Besides, we might give away one BookBook case to a lucky iDB reader, so stay tuned.

Have you tried the BookBook case yet? Do you like it? Love it? Hate it? Let me know in the comments section below.

  • Mike

    Just my opinion but I think it’s gross lol, I wouldn’t want my iPhone to look like a book nor do I like leather cases especially a case at $60 but like I said, that’s my opinion, i’m sure other people will like it.

    Nice review as always Jeff.

  • They make these for macbook’s too, they’re pretty cool

  • Jun Wei

    BookBook case!!! I wish I have that! But I do not have much money to buy that. I wish I could win this case and take home with the BookBook case! LOVE THIS GIVEAWAY!

  • Have been going back and forth on the Book Book. It’s a wallet and a phone case which is super, but the camera aspect is concerning, as is the high price and added bulk to the iPhone. Nice review and if you’re giving one away, raising my hand to be first in line for consideration.

  • Eric

    Pain to take pictures or videos with. Pass

  • Jedoonat

    THE best case for functionality is the Lifeproof case. It’s a little slimmer than the Otter box. It protects your iPhone from dirt, snow, shock, and even water proof (up to 6ft.). I love the thing! I can have my music in the shower, take it to the pool or beach without worry of it getting wet.

  • Joshua

    Great review! Would’ve been sold if it had a hole for the camera and retailed at half the price.

  • Uilooo

    Pretty sweet. Awesome review.

  • Paul

    My son recently had the pleasure of buying one at the Apple Store 5th Ave, (only one person in the store knew it just came in at the back of the store). It is absolutely the best iPhone accessory case Ive seen. I in particular do not like bulk or to cover my iPhone, but I feel the need to pick one up too. Very handy to carry your cards, cash and iphone all in one! I can not find any store in Ontario that currently has any. I wish I picked one up at the 5th Ave Apple. (So far the only Apple store to have had)
    Another Five star quality, from Twelve South!

  • Eric Blackburn

    I got one when they came out. I love the idea of having all my daily pocket items (minus keys) in one place. It gives the Phone a better feel, and when iOS5 arrives the new keyboard will be a great addition.

    ..: FYI for use of the camera I just push the phone out about a quarter the way out SNAP, and push it back in. Easy!

  • Jessica

    I would pass on that too!
    What I need is a iphone bra … Imagine that… Why hasnt anybody thought of that yet?

  • Darrin

    I think it’s pretty awesome. I would use it for my secondary ip4. I use one as my phone and the other as a media devise to show off some of my work. The book look and feel would be awesome for that lol.

  • Lucas K.

    Definitely want one of these. I could get rid of my wallet that hurts to sit on and combine it with my phone. Love it. Saw the case on another site a week or two ago and loved it at first sight. I hope to finally win an iDownloadblog contest with this lol. Nice review Jeff.

  • ByteNapple

    To have ye or not have ye, that is the question. Fair bookbook case, thou art the Apple of mine i.

  • KIM

    Thick AND ugly! Totally useless!!!

  • Been debating on getting one for a couple weeks. Wud love to get rid of my wallet. But I have a white iP4, may not look good together. But put my name n the hat for the drawing.

  • Jeff

    I can see there are card slots for credit cards etc, but where do you put the cash?

    • In the pocket behind the credit cards.

  • zulhairey

    I want this case!! please give the giveaway to me!! I am from Malaysia and I’m in need of a new iPhone case.

  • Ace

    THIS. IS. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it! Great video Jeff!

  • Ryan

    That case looks amazing and the wallet functionality is just awesome. for someone like me who doesnt need to take a picture every 2 minutes, that case would be perfect

  • I’d buy it today but waiting to switch from Droid to iPhone 5. Think they’ll make one for the 5?

  • karan

    just one word for it “AMAZING”

  • lucas

    I congratulate you for the review Jeff. Really, a very good work and video you got there.

    Tried to buy it just now and says it’s not available. Probable out of stock 🙂

    I have an iPhone 3G, think it might work as well 😛

    Thanks Jeff, I always read iDB


  • Dan

    Would be great for the iPod Touch 2G/3G since they don’t have cameras, and it’s not a phone so you don’t have to bend the case back to put it up to your ear. It could just stay nicely nestled in the case. What a cool concept for a case!

  • Jack

    I bought this a few days ago and now I regret it! It’s definatly a cool idea that will definatly get attention, but three issues and one REALLY big problem!!!! 1st issue is that you cannot fit more than 5 or 6 cards of any sort in the wallet portion. 2nd issue is answering a call. If you’re like me who have friends that talk a lot, you have to hold that wallet portion back and it gets annoying. 3rd issue is that there is no camera hole. So you have to take it out or slide the phone up to take a picture. And the REALLY big problem is, the caes covers the proximity sensor which is located (apparently above the ear hole speaker. So I’m talking to my friend and my cheek hits mute and speaker at the same time. It’s a great idea, but not AT ALL well tested!!!!

  • The auto screen hide does not work when you put the phone to your ear. The leather is covering the sensor. This has been a problem with mine on day one. My ear hits the mute button etc.

    • mine does the same, twelve south has already sent me a new one and that one also does it

  • I have been using my BookBook since August and I love it. I used some mink oil on the spine. It shined up and is more supple and original every day. If you treat it like a nice pair of shoes, the leather just gets more and more rich and dark. The action of sliding out the phone to take a pic has become very smooth and the strap lock on the top works surprisingly well to keep the phone in. The internal leather that holds the phone in place has not streched or become loose afer months of daily use. I’m an author, and this case has become both a statement of my craft, and my next generation moleskine. There are days when I know I’ll be using my camera or be in the weather and I’ll put it in an incipio case for the afternoon, but it lives and looks best in my BookBook. It’s pricey, but I’ve had people ask me if they make it for their Droid or Incredible. (it’s an Apple only line, so brag a little)

  • The case is great. The look, and feel of it blows me away every time I hold it. The only and well major problem I find with the case is that it cover or blocks the proximity sensor just enough that it doesn’t lock the screen when there’s a call and it allows you to hit the buttons with your cheek. I’ve contacted twelve south and they shipped me out a new one right away which was great but again the new case does the same thing. I believe after break in time the case will mold around the phone and this issue will be solved but until then, you have to take the phone out of the case to make and receive calls.

  • Hi, could you tell me if this case would work with an iPhone 3G? I fell in love with it on sight! 🙂