The iPhone 5 is right around the corner. Whether it’s coming in September or October, one thing is sure: you want it!

If you can’t afford the iPhone 5 and are just looking for a few reasons not to buy it, the peeps at MacTrast got you covered. They came up with 9 reasons not to buy an iPhone 5

I won’t lie when I say I was quite disappointed to find out the iPhone 5 won’t come with a unicorn as standard.

What’s your reason not to buy an iPhone 5? I personally can’t find any so I guess I’ll be buying one.

  • Wow.

    • Jon Garrett

      9 Real reason NOT to buy an iPhone 5.

      1. because it will only be a modified iPhone 4.
      2. it wont have a USB port
      3. it wont have an HDMI port
      4. it wont have an SD slot
      5. you’ll still be slaved to iTunes
      6. Android phones will ship with quad core processors
      7. it still wont have a full gig of ram
      8. it wont support 1080p recording or playback
      9. you’ll still have to jailbreak it (making it buggy and laggy) just so you can get it to do simple things that Android phones have been doing for years.
      10. because its an iPhone.

      • kadz

        well .. ur 1 less person to care about on this earth

      • ufggf

        thats 10

      • not to mention won’t still be slaved to iTunes AND not to mention you could have never had to. I’ve iPhones (3GS, 4) for three years now and maybe twice I’ve had to use iTunes.
        I don’t know why people insist on having ports when everything can be done wirelessly. It’s like they’re trying to fight the future. Same goes for SD cards, you have 8GB or more for memory.
        About the 1080p recording, you don’t know that. No one knows anything until launch. And may I add? IT’S A PHONE!!! I think people forget that. If you want glorious videos of your precious memories done right, GET A CAMCORDER!! It’s just nice to have to option.

        Besides, if you want your favorite OS you just have to pick one phone, the iPhone. With Android you have to shop around, ask, read reviews, and pray to whatever god you pray to that it will work well, otherwise you’ve lost your money. With the iPhone you know what you’re getting— and it’s good.

        Nice to know you can’t count to save your life. That’s 10 reasons, not 9.

      • urlow

        pretty good, but your points (2) (3) (6) (7) and (9) are irrelevant.

        (2) phones don’t need USB ports (like asking for a DVD drive?)
        (3) I’ve had an evo for over a year, and have never used the HDMI port (although I could be alone in this)
        (6) quad core is only necessary if you have an inefficient OS that needs it
        (7) again a phone only needs a gig or more if it handles ram inefficiently.

        your other points are semi-valid (I don’t mind itunes, but I can see how people would want out).
        Not to mention the iPhone still ships with the highest-res screen and best battery life of any phone out there.

      • Juan

        You forgot the “i can’t afford it” clause so I’ll get the next best thing.. a poor man’s android. boo hoo.

      • Omarjk13

        i love this comment

  • Coolio Someone

    We saw this months ago as 9 reasons not to buy an iPhone. They’ve just added the number 5. Can’t remember if it was on this blog, but probably not as it wouldn’t have been posted again. I won’t be buying it either, hough if it came with a unicorn, I definitely would.

    • Nope. It was on this same blog about 2 months ago. They just added the number 5 they just took the same article and reposted it.

      • Joe

        9 Reasons not to buy the iPhone 5 9 Weeks before it’s announcement\Release

      • ufggf

        Actually #5 was there when it was posted 2 months ago

  • Someone

    We saw this months ago as 9 reasons not to buy an iPhone. They’ve just added the number 5. Can’t remember if it was on this blog, but probably not as it wouldn’t have been posted again. I won’t be buying it either, hough if it came with a unicorn, I definitely would.

    • Someone

      Sorry it was 9 reasons not to buy the iPhone 5, but still, the comic was published February 20th!

  • Douglas W

    A bigger screen and CDMA/gsm compatibility? Who needs a unicorn, I’m in!!!

  • Ciguapito

    I want my unicorn. I guess I have to wait until it becomes standard

  • Pete

    Lame reasons… Not really funny;)

    • agreed

    • Kareem


      • Frankie


  • Tony

    I like #6, mainly because of what the dude is saying.

  • Derp

    6 can actually be done. There’s an app for that.

  • name

    Like all good artists steal and imitate, all good blogs just copy paste stuff- over an year old as well.

    • they were hoping we all forgot about it. too soon

    • MALdito

      Oh yeah… Good catch, I was just thinking that this look familiar.

  • MALdito

    Reason 10: The iPhone 5 will not be release in white until 2 months before the release of the iPhone 6.

  • kokhean

    The iPhone 5 cannot be jailbroken quickly after its release.

    • Lucas


  • Bence

    I see the same few fags hating on this Sebastian over and over again, just name change. If u don’t like the man or his article, then gtfo or dont read. Get a life or some nookies

    • FangBanger

      How about not using the term “fag” as a derogatory put-down? Unless you’re a genuine ignorant homophobe? (and I doubt that).

      I agree with you that the same fuckwits attack Sebastien’s posts under different names, but there are plenty of other good abusive terms like fuckwads or wankers. Every time I see someone use the term “fag” as a put down I presume they are either 1.) a homophobic redneck 2.) A wannabe Christian with warped values or 3.) a time traveller from 1984 when it was considered socially ok to hate on homosexuals.

      Hope that makes sense and you re-act reasonably to my request. Remember I actually agree with the point of your post. Just not how you said it 🙂

  • Ash

    i presume a unteathered jailbreak will soon be ready for ios5. The developers had atleast 2 months to get an exploit, the reason they are quiet about it is that they dont want Apple to update the patch before the release.

  • Angel Dust

    I want mine with a Falcon instead of the unicorn 😉

  • ByteNapple

    Write recycle an old article we read months ago. Not very professional.

  • ByteNapple

    I meant to say ‘Why’. Stupid auto correct.

  • Just an oversight, people. We didn’t republish this on purpose.

  • Haha.

  • Michael

    I swear people take this site waaaayyyy too seriously. Look at the humor in it not the fact that it’s already been reposted.

  • kaiwangailan

    because it’s not changed in the last four years, just improved battery,3mpxl to 5mpxl and retina display that’s all.

  • Liv

    lame oatmeal knockoff

  • if u dont like whats on the site leave the site .


    This is the first time I have visited in this website, I’ve read all your comments, and I can realize that you all of you know about MOBILE PHONES, the same I know about Astronautics, you will be shocked when you first use a NOKIA,that’s a PHONE in concept, and have been doing for years things that IPHONE only dreamed of.My firsts Nokia were NOKIA-1100,3200..etc,up to now that I’m using a N8.I repair phones for living, and I never had to repair any of my Nokias, like I have had to repair IPHONES…

    Woops…and sorry NOKIA is UNLOCKED….


  • Jared floyd

    Actually there is a jailbreak tweak to stop you from using your iPhone while intoxicated. So there’s only 8 reasons if you jailbreak your iPhone..

  • I only need one reason, and its called the Google Nexus Prime. Makes your little iPhone look like a childs toy

  • Jesus

    As an Apple fan boy all I have to say to all of you iPhone-haters is

    FUCK OFF 🙂

    • simo

      here here!!!

  • Pie

    Apple is for people who like to be told what to do. Bah bah controlled sheep we be almost no control. Apple devices have no personality no idividualality just plain boring

  • simo

    IOS > webOS = Android > windows phone 7 > blackberry > Symbian

  • Kiwifrog

    One excellent reason NOT to buy the iPhone 5:

    To protect the environment and stop over-consumerism!

    Every tech product comes at a high price in terms of natural resources.
    Constantly chasing the latest gagdget won’t make your life any better.

  • sam

    don’t buy any phone
    Even don’t use any computer or other electrical devices.
    They are not environment friendly

  • Kiwifrog

    @sam: don’t be stupid. That’s absolutely not what I said if you know how to read.
    It’s buying new “toys” when you don’t need them, just for the sake of having the “latest” one (without thinking about the impact of your acquisition).

    Any real arguments against that?

  • Michael

    HEHE IOS 5 kills the link to iTunes so you don’t need to linkup the iPhone to use it.. so why is the problem?
    and hmmm I thing that the iPhone 5 comes whit iOS 5 😀

  • All iPhones are broken cause i pressed the home button and im still at work.