Here is a surprising initiative from Orange, one of the UK’s largest carrier. The company has started offering its customer one free movie rental a week via iTunes.

With Orange Film to Go, every week the company will select a new movie that customers can access simply by sending a text message to the carrier. Orange then sends the customer a promo code to redeem in iTunes…

The movie can be watched on an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, PC or Mac. It can also be synced to all iDevices, including the Apple TV.

I don’t know about you, but I love that idea.

Hey, AT&T and Verizon, if you’re reading, we wouldn’t mind getting free movies, too. Just saying.

  • I’ve just signed up for reminders each week. The website is

    The film for the current week is “My Blueberry Nights” (Not interested lol) so hopefully they will get better in future. You have to text Orange from an Orange phone at a cost of 35p and they will send you a redemption code.

  • lol

    lucky *#@$

  • Burge

    At last something good from Orange..well 2nd good thing ..first was 50 free picture messages..way to Orange..

  • Burge

    At last something good from Orange..well 2nd good thing ..first was 50 free picture messages..way to Orange….

  • Twited21

    Orange do alot for the film industry they do a thing here in the uk called orange Wednesday’s which is basically 2 for 1 I’m glad they have done this shame I’m o2 🙁

    • Chris

      Are you for real !!! I’m on O2 and there is nothing about Orange that would make me want to swap, it’s probably the 4th worst carrier in the UK, only 3 is worse and no amount of free, shit films that I don’t even get to choose and have to pay 35p to even get, would make me even think about switching .. My friend is on Orange and another on Vodafone and none have the coverage of O2 and the last time I looked the handset choice was rubbish with rubbish tarrifs .. 12 months @ 25 a month on the iPhone, I don’t think Orange can match that or the coverage, all of which are far more important imo than a free, shitty film that they choose for me … errrrrrr no thanks.

      • Are you for real !!!? I’ve just looked at O2’s offerings and for an iPhone 4 on an 18 month contract (because they don’t do a 12) it will cost you £26.50 for 100 mins, 500 texts and 100mb of data (100 not a typo) and that will cost you £233 upfront.

        Compare that to 3 where you can have 2000 mins, 5000 texts and truly unlimited data for £35 month with an upfront cost of £69.

        I drive a truck all over the UK and I can tell you, it doesn’t matter which tariff you’re on, none of them cover everywhere. Buy on the network that’s best for you, but don’t knock the others because around the corner they are most probably better than yours.

        I moved from O2 to Orange to get better coverage in my house.

      • Chris

        Yes they do do 12 month contracts, what the f are you on about and i’ll knock what I like, it’s called an opinion, if you don’t like its stfu and move on, i’m sick of people on blogs trying to tell people what they should think or say !!

  • Show me a link to a 12 month contract for an iPhone 4 for £25 a month and I’ll stfu. I’m sick of people on blogs talking bollox !!!

    • Selcuk

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