It’s always fun to compare iPhone and Android smartphone users across a variety of different metrics, though for the life of me I can’t quite work out why. Is it because we’re all pre-programmed to initiate competition in just about anything, or is it because we iPhone users possess a slight air of superiority?

No matter the reason, we have a new set of statistics, this time comparing the regularity with with the two camps and those mobile ads we all know and love…

The new stats come courtesy of ad company Jumpstart, who discovered that iPhone users are indeed more likely to tap ads than their Android-toting counterparts, and by some margin.

The stats break down thus: with the industry standard click-through rate of 0.52%, iPhone users come in considerably higher, at 0.78%, while Android owners are just below the average, at 0.47%.

The competition, BlackBerry, Symbian and WebOS all also lag behind the iOS platform, according to the graph above.

Jumpstart believes that the iPhone’s consistent user experience and the improved browsing account for the higher percentage, though it could just be that we iPhone owners are just so susceptible to a good ad!

Why do you think iPhone owners tap more ads than Android fans?


  • OrangeSn0w


  • @idownloadblog, i want to comment from twitter login but there isnt any option here
    ~i think iphone user is click ads friendly 😀

  • Chris

    For me I tap ads by accident

    • Geek


  • Seannyx

    More often then not I hit the ads simply because they cover up a good 1/5th of my screen an usually right next to the button ur most likely need to tap. In other words, because we do it by accident trying to hit something better.

  • Seannyx

    They use 1/5th of my screen an usually right next to the button most likely need to tap. In other words, we tap it by accident trying to hit something better.

  • It’s true that ads are accidentally tapped but sometimes, the ads in an iphone are attractive enough to trigger your likes.

  • Dane

    It’s because the iPhone screen is so small you’re more likely to accidentally tap them. I want to flip when I’m in safari and tap an ad that launches the app store. I think the TD Bank one on yahoo I’ve hit too many times to count

    • Danjames

      Yeh the iphone screen is tiny, it’s easier with my samsung galaxy s2 to dodge those adverts.

  • Kbw

    It’s purely due to the sensitivity of the screen to even close approaches by fingers. I can’t count the number of times I’ve accidentally clicked through. In fact, google ads should apply a discount to what they pay on iPad/phone click throughs.

  • I actually like iAds. They can be fun & entertaining to mess around with. When you’re done, tap the X in the corner to go back to the app.

  • JoBerlin

    I had the problem with an accidental click on an ad seldom. A good hosts file really helps with that!

  • james

    Don’t know how the data was collected, and there are several possible explanations – but it could be that there are more ad supported apps for the iphone and so there is just more chance of clicking ads. Also I think there are more users that root their androids vs jailbreaking their iOS and are installing ad blockers.

  • UnlosingRanger

    yeah 100% of the apps i tap are by accident