As you’re probably well aware of, we love it when criminals get their comeuppance. It’s even a little extra entertaining if the crooks get nabbed due to a lack of common sense. Such is the case for our next 2 villains.

KPLCTV is reporting that 2 men have been arrested in Jennings, Louisiana in connection with multiple ‘forged iPad deliveries’. Apparently, over the last few months, a FedEx driver has been stealing iPads from his truck and forging customers’ signatures…

After stealing the tablets, authorities say that Michael Wright sold them to friend Shannon Guillory for — get this — $200 a piece.  All together the thieves were able to lift 14 iPads before law enforcement finally caught up with them.

Of the 14 tablets taken, 13 were sold off and 1 was given away. So far, the Jennings Police Department has only been able to confirm that 6 of the stolen iPads have been recovered.

Wright faces 20 felony counts, including 14 counts of theft over $500, and 6 counts of forgery. His ‘business partner,’ Shannon Guillory, is being held on 13 counts of illegal possession of stolen property.

I can’t believe these guys didn’t think that customers would eventually call in about their missing iPads. After they confirm the tablets are making it to the delivery truck, there’s only one person left to point the finger at: the driver.

While I feel bad for their brain cells, I feel even worse for the victims. Only 6 iPads returned? Surely FedEx would reimburse the customers whose merchandise was stolen by a company driver. Or would that depend on if they had insurance?


  • Mike

    They should be re-imbursed, you buy something in good faith and the delivery company should be held accountable considering it was their staff stealing them.

    • Josh

      Hell yes they should!!!

    • Josh

      Hells yes they should!!!

    • ufggf

      Fedex shouldn’t be reimbursed, just the two guys should be sued so the customers get their money back

  • What a complete idiot. I can’t believe this guy thought he would get away with this!

  • Michael hernandy

    (im trying not to be mean when i say…) This is why i buy my Apple products from a store…

  • Jose medina

    Hello i didnt sign for my delivery!!! Wtf is it???? Bring his ass to my house and have him tell me i signed for it…. Ima bet his ass up

  • QuarterSwede

    This guy just threw away a good job and is facing imprisonment over something this stupid. Way to good moron.

    • Unknown

      It’s not hard to get a job at FedEx…

      • Nick Chambers

        It certainly is hard to get a job at FedEx as a driver.

  • Masters

    What a boring day in Apple land. We need some new info on anything

    • whtlime

      Apple land’s dividends every quarter aren’t boring. Scram to Berryville and buy a Storm. Oh wait, they’re dead.