Remember when kids used to sit and play with plastic toys and run around outside? Me neither. It seems that these days, the joys of hacking are too strong a pull for our little ones.

CNET highlights a 10-year old hacker, going by the name of CyFi, who has presented an exploit to the “Kids” section of the popular hacking conference, DefCon. The exploit, which currently works on both iOS and Android, allows certain games to be prematurely advanced by simply altering the device’s clock…

The young hacker apparently grew tired of waiting for her crops to grown in an unknown iOS farming game. Feeling mischievous, she set her iPhone’s clock forward, and presto! Her crops were fully grown.

Apparently, there are currently a few games on both iOS and Android that are susceptible to such an exploit, but they haven’t been outed in order to give their developers time to issue a fix. We’re eagerly watching our app updates to see which were affected. And no word yet on whether either Apple or Google will patch the problem at an operating system level.

What a clever kid!

  • I thought it was a male at first, but then I started reading and realized it’s a female. She will be the Geohotz of the iOS world.

    • ?

      Geohot is from the iOS world. He later got into the ps3 thing

      • iXanczy


  • Dane

    I do this with tiny tower. Instead if waiting for stores to be stocked and floors to be built I just roll the calendar forward a day. Just make sure never to start anything in the ‘future’ because when you put your clock and calendar back it will actually add negative time to it

  • Fojam

    Not really a hack though…

    • Selcuk

      +1. I used to always to this in pokemon back in the days lol.

  • ian

    i knew this

  • Joe

    Yes I agree with you, Fojam! I did this things since a lot of time !!

    • Ghazix01

      yea my sisters do that all the time and their 8 and 11. i don’t see how it’s considered hacking.

  • Jeff

    Fuckin kids. I was climbing trees and making prank calls when I was 10.

    • Chris

      wait…you don’t make crank calls anymore?

    • Josh

      Should’ve been more creative then.

  • Chris

    Since when did changing the clcok to make her spuds grow on Farmville or whatever shit make her a hacker ??? Get serious.

  • Adrian Hamelink

    This isn’t very impressive, when I was also ten (5 years ago) I would change the time of my DS to grow my radishes in Animal Crossing.
    This is no exploit. It’s a mere cheat to the game. This is NOT hacking.

    • John Moraitis

      Ha same here

  • Li

    Dude Tia ten years old?!?! You got to give them a E for knowing it XD even I don’t know it hahaha!

  • 877

    Works with smurfs, my 7yr old does it regular.

  • Applefanboylee

    Come on guys get a grip is there any need to be nasty I say good luck to her

  • Someone

    I did this /years/ ago with my frickin tamagotchi! I agree it’s not a hack, but there’s no need to be mean about it!

  • BoNzY

    That’s nothing. I hack my kids by setting the clock in our house forward an hour just so I can get them to bed earlier lol

    • Sir Rufio

      LOL +1000

  • Coolio Someone

    I did this /years/ ago with my frickin tamagotchi! I agree it’s not a hack, but there’s no need to be mean about it!

  • ddr

    Not a hack…. I’ve never done it because I don’t like to cheat in games lol, but you can do it with Sword and Sworcery and any other game that relies on time.

  • Dick Fontaine

    I tried that “hack” twenty years ago, but school still ended at 3:30

    • Eh, it’s Mario!

      Lol……………………………sigh +10

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    the clock “trick” is old, since those japaneses “tamagotchi” I remember to advance the clock to make them grow faster, and this was like more then ten years ago, those who played gears of wars in the windows vista had go back in time, because you needed to put your windows clock sometime before 2009 I think, ten years old is not that impressive in these days, I remember when I was 7 or 8 and had no cables for my snes, so I went to some spare wires and cut then to make my console work on my tv, or replace the battery module of an “autorama” to work plugged in the wall instead of using batteries which I didnt have at the time and after a few I blowed the little cars engine

  • kokhean

    And you call this a hack? Just because the app is based on the devices’ time?

  • Aaron

    This is not a hack. News fail.

  • Luki

    I can Change the Colour of my Clock,
    but makes this me as good as Geohot ?
    I think it’s only Special because she is an Girl.


  • Daniel

    Old news is old news. I was hoping to see that this was about the security exploit revealed over the weekend.

  • wouuuzzaaa

    She not just out the time back like everybody here said,

    she found an real 0 day-exploit inside the games or the iOS, it’s not completly clear,

    So this is not like all u little kids out there wrote: ,,ohh i did this 10 years ago….”
    she really found a vulnerable for hacks.
    She found a way to get around the detections of the games and the iOS.
    She know more than you will ever know…

    • Mike

      You can’t even write a sentence in English so i’m sure she’s 1 up on you for a start !!!

      • kokhean

        Not everyone speaks English as their first language so you cannot compare one’s intelligence based on their English.


        Enough said.

    • ihu

      Actually, all she did was disconnect from internet, the open every few minutes with like 30 ahead each.

  • Ahadian

    What the hell, man? I’ve been doing the exact same thing for years, and I never had any publicity!

    At least now I can safely say that I’m a hacker on my CV though

  • To be honest I read about this exploit like 2 years ago back when I got tired of iMob and decided to search for the cheats and stumbled upon the setting time ahead trick

  • Bob

    Knew that a iOS game exploite a long ass time ago.

  • Pie

    That ain’t hacking to anyone that thinks it is your

  • Pie

    That ain’t hacking to anyone that thinks it is your

  • meh

    smurfs village, tiny tower, contract killer…

  • maximumrfan

    What? This is considered a hack? I mean, I kinda get getting someone else to open a script that deletes their system32 folder being called hacking, but changing the fucking time?

  • ihu

    This is one of the oldest hacks, but hey, gurls suck, shes good for her gender.

  • James

    Bull $h!+. I was doing that for pokemon wayyyyyyyy before her age. I mean really, this is in no way a hack, it’s a cheat.