Apple’s iOS platform is considered to be one of the safest mobile operating systems in the industry. A major reason for that is how strict Steve Jobs and company have been with their mobile ecosystem.

There’s very few bugs or glitches in iOS, and ones that are found get patched fairly quickly. That being said,  JailbreakMe 3 creator Comex tweeted a couple of interesting links yesterday that make iOS do some weird  stuff when accessed through Mobile Safari…

The first URL, facetime-accept://*, launches a fake FaceTime call when accessed from a FaceTime-compatible device. The cool part is that you can customize the caller by replacing the * with whatever name you want to show up. “Excuse me, I have to take this. It’s my duck Waffles.”

The other link, tellock://, will instantly force an iDevice to its lock screen — well, sort of. The weird thing about it is you can exit the “lock screen” by simply pressing the home button. Though the 2 glitches aren’t much more than novelties, they may provide you with a few moments of entertainment.

Were you able to get the links to work? Thoughts?

  • bram

    doesn’t work on iOS 5 b4 🙁

  • Very interesting. I wondered what comex was talking about.

  • anthonyappleguy

    I don’t get it… what do I do with those codes?

    • anthonyappleguy

      lol nvm.

      • M7MD

        All /// fack

    • @anythonyappleguy….. you type the bold URLs from above into Mobile Safari of an iDevice.

      And I can confirm, it doesn’t seem to work on iOS 5.

    • type it in Safari

  • Dave

    doesn’t work for me. iphone 4 gsm, ios4.0.

    • kurt

      4.0??? :-O

  • Doesn’t work on beta 5 either.

  • doesn;t work for me

  • anthonyappleguy

    Works for me on iOS 4.3.3 iPhone 4 GSM

  • Jeff

    These are not bugs nor glitches. They were purposely built into the iOS for testing. Neither of these do anything. Just display fake lockscreen and fake facetime screens. Pointless.

    • kurt

      so they wanted to test a pointless feature?

  • Saltbox

    Try this telprompt://mom its what i found

    • Saltbox

      It anyways way more pointless 😛

      • Saleh

        it calls “666” 😛

  • sugarbox

    this one is nice…. telemergency://999 you get to lockscreen emergency call page then you can exit it by pressing home button like the bug comex found…. hehehe i feel i know about 15% comex knows 😛

  • tellock:// doesn’t work on iPod touch but the FaceTime URL does.

    • Marcoarrossi


    • Jeff

      tel stands for telephone so of course it doesnt work on an ipod….

  • W

    It works in 4.3.3 iPh4 GSM

  • Saleh

    wish i could actually call somone with a fake name D;

    • weijie

      I wish you couldn’t

  • jgns

    I can do it on 4.3.5

  • Fabio Rodrigues

    news here, I just saw, new android virus record your calls and make it possible to access the record trough internet, I’ll stick with the glitches huahua

    • Simon

      It’s not a virus you moron, it’s an app permission you have to explicitly grant. The OS tells you specifically what the app wants to access.

  • Thomas the tank engine

    If you look at your keypad, you will see the letters m, o & m are all under 6, this is why if you put “mom” at the end of “telprompt://” it will call 666. It’s “sms://” for messages by the way 😛

  • Max

    The glitches don’t work on iOS 3.1.3, he says the page doesn’t excists by both of the links.

    • Fabio Rodrigues

      because 3.1.3 does not existe for iphone 4, so there is no facetime in 3.1.3

  • Simon

    Too funny – email already sent to friend with subject of “Check out how ugly the guy in this video is!” with a facetime-accept link in it 🙂

  • Ronen

    Waffles is now my home screen 🙂