Empty Folder Icons is a new jailbreak tweak for the iPhone that makes your iPhone’s folders appear as if they contain nothing. For someone new to the world of iOS, this may seem like a pointless tweak, but all of us iOS users know that it is otherwise impossible to create an empty folder on the platform.

That is, of course, still impossible to do — all that this tweak does is give the appearance of an empty folder.

If you’re looking to add something different to your iPhone, or you’re just tired of those nearly indistinguishable mini representations of your apps cluttering your folders, then you may want to check this free jailbreak tweak out…

Again, Empty Folder Icons is a free tweak available on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. It is a part of the seemingly never ending TweakWeek challenge, so be sure to drop by Cydia today if your iPhone is jailbroken and it arouses your interest.

What do you think, have you given it a shot?

  • James

    Sorry to say it again but this can already be achieved with Springtomize, disable folder preview. It has to be said that Springtomize has to be 1 of the best, most feature rich tweaks there has ever been, it saves you installing 20 seperate tweaks.

  • Saltb0x

    Nice… as tweekweak tweaks needs to be done in 24 hours… 🙂

  • Filip

    To bad this doesn’t work to good with transparent folder images. Adds a copy of the folder ontop the image… Double opacity.
    You can easiely fix it by lowering the opacity with photoshop to 50%

  • Johari

    I agree with you James……Springtomize it is…..

  • It’s still nice.