Have you ever wanted a convenient way to access your iPhone while in your vehicle? While there’s no shortage of automobile accessories for Apple’s smartphone, none of the ones currently available seem to put your device in a place where it’s easily accessible.

I’m not talking about for texting and driving, but a car stand would be nice for things like answering phone calls or listening to music. Kickstarter project founder Sameer Desai hopes to capitalize on where others have missed the boat with his new product, the Steer Safe

The Steer Safe accessory holds your iPhone for you while you drive. And it doesn’t sit on your air vent or stick out of your cup holder, it hangs from your steering wheel so it’s always within reach. The holster can tilt in all directions, and can even sit in landscape mode.

The cool thing about Steer Safe is that it fits every vehicle and several smartphone models. It’s made to sit at the top of your steering wheel, so it’s as visible as your speedometer is while driving, this could be both a good and bad thing.

For starters, having your cell phone directly in front of you would keep you from taking your eyes off the road to find your handset to make or receive a phone call. Also, having such quick access to your device would come in handy for changing music tracks.

On the other hand, the Steer Safe could entice users to operate their phones more frequently while they’re driving. I know I’d be much more inclined to use a device that’s propped up in front of me, rather than one that is in a cup holder or in the passenger’s seat.

The Steer Safe project has about 30 days left to raise $20,000, and as of this writing they’ve collect just under $3,000. Pledging $25 or more will get you one of these bad boys if they are make it to the production line. For more details, head on over to the official Kickstarter page.

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea?

  • MrA

    What does 25 dollars get you if they don’t make it to the production line?

    • If a Kickstarter project doesn’t get funded, everyone gets their money back.

      • MrA

        Not a bad idea, I prefer my phone in the charger when I’m driving though.

  • Bad idea! I alreeady see my hand bumping into the holder all the time…

    • QuarterSwede

      Same here. Turning would be a nightmare.

  • Morgan

    Perfect for watching a movie during that long boring commute to work

  • Steven

    Not a great idea, as you cannot connect a charger, and as we know the GPS app sucks the battery dry… I also see myself knocking it when making sharp turns.

  • MALdito

    This… is… AWESOME! Now I can watch music videos, drink my scolding hot coffee, eat a bagel, reply to facebook messages, fix my tie, tweet & shave, all while on my busy commute to work! Thanks Steer Safe! LMAO!

    • Ethan


    • Ethan


  • After getting pulled over for reckless driving, the officer would walk up to your window, see the Steer Safe and say, “Now that’s just stupid.” Shaking his head and mumbling to himself about kids these days, he’d walk back to his vehicle and write you a ticket.

    • MALdito

      Actually dude, the officer would first see the Steer Safe & iPhone followed by my scolding-hot, coffee burned skin, a half eaten bagel, my messed up tie and razor cut face. And then they’d say: “WTF happened to you?!” To which I would just shake my head and say:
      “Damn you auto-correct! Damn Damn DAMN!” LOL!

  • rob

    I hate to ask the tough questions, but since I occasionally turn my steering wheel, what happens when the holster is upside down? And how can this thing possibly be legal? I don’t see how it wouldn’t interfere with driving.

  • Rod

    If I steer it will certainly hit my girls head….

  • john

    on rare occasion, i actually look at my speedometer. guess this isn’t for me.

  • Bobby

    Big fan of this product…sign me up! This is an idea that Apple would come out with someday anyways. I’m glad that someone is taking advantage of it. Not a fan of reaching for my phone on my car seat, pocket, or the console. I’m not seeing a huge issue with steering or blocking the dashboard.

  • Nicole

    Pretty awesome product (especially after watching the video). Can’t believe this isn’t out there yet.
    The guy did his homework…Did you guys see the video and FAQs on kickstarter? It pretty much addresses 99% of the concerns so far…


    You can place it where ever you want on the steering wheel (depending on where your odometer is), tilt/rotate, and since it’s inside the wheel, doesn’t hit your legs while turning…
    I’m totally guilty of trying to detangle my earphones while driving to answer a call and use my GPS w/one hand, off to the side too…Let’s get real…who doesn’t use their phone while driving. Gonna give this product a shot!!!

    • 877

      I would like to know where you live….. so I can drive in safety somewhere else.

      • Nicole

        It’s obvious I exaggerated that a bit, but it is still a novel idea. If you are one who NEVER touches their phone while driving this is not for you. But if you do use your phone GPS and occasionally pick up phone calls (speaker phone/Bluetooth), which is a HUGE part of the population..probably including yourself. Or I guess you still print directions from mapquest and end up at a gas station for help 🙂

        I’ve actually seen ppl prop their phone exactly where the steer safe is located..right in that line of sight and this actually seems to provide a safer option instead of having it on your windshield, or your cup holder, or your hand… where you have to look away. I think its pretty cool if used properly…

  • Justin bin Laden

    I wonder what effect it will have on the airbag (which will definitely be needed if your iphone is right there). Wouldn’t it be cool it you get like five iphones and steer safes and use each of them to moniter different parts of your car?

  • 877

    I use a griffin autopilot, charges and changes tracks, play, pause. Cheap off eBay. Stay safe peeps.

  • Dancamp

    Bad idea. Too close to your eyes. Everytime you look at your phone; the road would come out of focus.

  • Jeff

    Dumb. Let’s pay attention on the road guys. This isn’t safe. It’s a fail

  • Jeff

    Dumb. Let’s pay attention on the road guys. This isn’t safe.

  • Great innovations. Will definitely use it.