Alongside the iPhone 5 rumors we hear on a seemingly daily basis, there has also been a lot of speculation that Apple would be expanding its carrier partnerships this Fall. Although they’ve come a long way from 2007, there’s still a huge opportunity for growth.

The gossip thus far has focused on a possible deal with China Mobile and their 600 million subscribers, but there has also been some chatter regarding the 2 major U.S. carriers left that don’t carry Apple’s smartphone…

T-Mobile and Sprint — the latter being the most important, as the former is merging with AT&T. That would leave Sprint as the last man standing (so to speak) without the extremely popular device.

But there have been a lot of rumors regarding a Sprint-bound iPhone over the last several months, and another one just surfaced. Beatweek is reporting that it has been sent information regarding the nation’s 3rd largest carrier and one of the country’s hottest smartphones.

Apparently, the site has acquired screenshots of a conversation between a Beatweek reader and a Sprint support rep. After some dillydallying, the conversation ends up on the topic of the iPhone:

“First question from our reader: “Is there any possibility of an iPhone on Sprint in the near future?” And the answer from the Sprint rep: “Please know that we are planning to launch the phone,” and then she went on to explain that there’s no specific release date for it and that we should be watching for updates…”

As TheNextWeb notes, you can pretty much draw 2 conclusions from this conversation. The first would be that Sprint has been doing a little too much talking internally, and the rep really has heard that they’ll be carrying the device.

The other, more likely scenario, is that the rep was just trying to retain a customer. It’s not at all a common business practice to share private information like this with low-level support reps, so my money’s on she’s full of it.

Sprint’s bleeding customers right now, and I’m sure a fair amount of them have named the iPhone as their reason for leaving. Why not tell them that you’ll eventually get the device? After all, it’s almost inevitable, right?

While it’s heavily expected, there has been no official word of a Sprint-bound iPhone. Adding the carrier would mean another 50 million customers, but Apple has survived just fine up to this point without them. I guess we’ll find out in September.

What do you think? Will the iPhone be on Sprint this Fall?

  • Mcsteven

    No not this fall. Sprint is a small time company. They’re only still in business because of there big contracts with the government. Sprint also doesn’t have as solid of a 3G or 4g network. They say they do but the iPhone won’t act the same on their network. Much like verizon has a slower data network, that’s why it took so long for them to inquire the iPhone.

  • Bildo

    Mcsteven what makes you an expert on sprint’s technical capabilities? Without any solid souces or citations, your comment comes off as opinion.

  • Adam

    I can give one conclusion the sprint rep will get sued by apple na idk but it would be cool to see a 4g iphone

  • Vincent

    Look the screenshots for the “Airfoil Speakers Touch” app in the App Store. The carrier is also shown as “Sprint.” Either the device used for them is jailbroken, or Sprint iPhones are out there in the wild being tested.

  • Tbv

    It would be nice if Sprint and T-Mobile both get the Phone 5 also when it is released. It is a win win situation for Apple if more people uses their products.
    Speaking of Sprint, I do have a family member with an Android phone on Sprint. Sprint’s reception and 3G speed is horrible where I live. Verizon and AT&T has much better reception where I live.
    I am for all U.S carriers getting the iPhone however.

  • bostin

    so it is definitely going to be carried by tmobile

  • steve no jobs

  • Thomas

    I work At Starbucks next to a Sprint shop and the owner comes in regularly. He told me to come in and check out the stuff so I told him maybe when you get the iPhone I will. He told me they should have it before Christmas. Not saying it’s confirmation, I’m just saying.