The jailbreak community is responsible for creating many extremely useful utilities for our iDevices. This however, is not one of them.

Speed for Maps more likely falls in the “Hey, that’s kind of cool” category. This new jailbreak tweak installs itself in your native Maps application, and it places a speedometer in the bottom right corner…

The meter is there to show your real-time speed in the Maps application as you travel, and it’s also customizable. You can have your speed displayed in miles per hour, feet per second, kilometers per hour, meters per second, or even knots. Just open your Settings app to change the unit.

As Jeff says, I’m sure some folks will find this utility handy. But I rarely use the native iOS Maps software, so it’s tough thinking of a reason to keep it around. If you want to check Speed for Maps out for yourself, it’s available in Cydia as a free download.

What do you think of Speed for Maps? Useful for you?

  • ic0edx

    I like it!!!

  • It’s prolly 4 ppl w/ iphones & old cars w/broken speedometers.

  • Vincent

    My NAVIGON navigation app also shows the vehicle speed. Still not sure of the use of it, but I suppose maybe someday my speedo will break and it could be helpful =P

  • Chad

    its really a reminder to stop looking at the map and look at the road because you’re going x mph!

  • j.johnson

    Has anyone tried this? How accurate is it?

  • The Wizard’s Baker

    Off a little