Last week, we announced the SGP iPhone 4 Case Giveaway and it was a big success. Unfortunately, we can only pick one winner among the more than 500 entries, but we randomly selected a winner today, so be sure to check inside to see if you won.

If you didn’t win, fret not. We have more cool swag to hook you guys up with, and we’re going to make these freebies a regular part of our routine going forward. Case in point? We have three (3) new iPad 2 Harmonie cases from SGP to give away!

The rules have changed a bit, but we strive to keep it as simple as possible. Check inside to see if you won the SGP iPhone 4 cases, and how to enter to win (3) brand new SGP iPad 2 cases…

The Winner

First of all, the winner of the iPhone 4 cases is David Isais. David, I’ve contacted you via Twitter. You must respond within a reasonable amount of time, or else the prize will go to the next pick!

Harmonie iPad 2 Case Review

The SGP Harmonie case for the iPad 2 is more of a back cover to go along with your Smart Cover than a full fledged case. For those of you rocking Smart Covers, that’s a good thing, because as you know, the Smart Cover does nothing to protect the back of your device.

With the SGP Harmonie case, the back of your device will be protected. It’s an extremely durable feeling polycarbonate, that comes in a variety of colors to mix and match with your favorite Smart Covers.

All of the holes for the various ports are easily accessible with the case installed, and the speaker grill doesn’t inhibit the sound of the iPad 2’s one lonely speaker.

Overall, I was impressed with the quality of the case. It’s slim, trim, yet feels sturdy enough to protect your iPad 2 from the circumstances of daily living.

As always, the packaging for the Harmonie case, as it seemingly is for all SGP products, is top notch. I think whoever wins these puppies will be quite satisfied with the overall package.

On to the really important details:

How to win?

1: Subscribe to our YouTube channel
2: Leave a comment on the video’s page with your Twitter handle.

Make sure you can be contacted via Twitter, as this is the way we will be contacting winners.

That’s it folks, it’s that easy. I know some of you would prefer that I break these up and give away three cases to three separate people, but we like the idea of doing big giveaways. What do you think?

A Winner Has Been Choosen:

Congratulations to Trace Anderson (@TraceAnderson) you are the winner of the iPad 2 Cases! If you didn’t win, stay tuned, there are more giveaways happening very soon.

  • Pissed

    Who on earth needs 4 cases? Why wouldn’t you pick 4 separate winners?

    • James

      Stupid really isn’t it.

    • anthonyappleguy

      While I can agree to an extent… why are you being so hateful to someone who gives away $100 worth of cases for free? You don’t deserve one if you’re going to be jealous and come off as angry for not winning.

  • James

    Who’s being hateful ?? 4 winners would be better than1 it’s that simple as for being jealous or angry, personally I don’t care, I didn’t enter so aren’t fussed about not winning lol

    • anthonyappleguy

      Judging his attitude to me alone for trying to mediate, he’s not worthy of such a giveaway.

    • anthonyappleguy

      I know that 4 winners would have been better, didn’t I say that I agreed?

  • TrollHater

    The competition prize was four iPhone cases, now just accept it, deal with it and move on with life. Be thankful to iDB for the opportunity to have a chance to win if you choose to partake, if you choose not to, save the bitching for something worth bitching about. It’s just an iPhone case or four FFS

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